Princess Diana breaking the parenting rule and changing the future

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Princess Diana was a remarkable woman, and she helped a lot of people during her life. The memory of her still lives on, more than two decades after her tragic death. She was also known as the rule-breaker, and one particular rule changed royal parenting for life.

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The rule breaking

Princess Diana and Prince Charles married in 1981. She was shy at first, she didn’t talk too much to the press. But after she became a mother, everything changed. Princess Diana and Prince Charles took their nine-month-old son, Prince William to Australia, New Zealand. There is a rule in the royal family to not have to heirs in the same plane when traveling abroad. But, Princess Diana didn’t want to go without Prince William, or without Prince Chares, so all three of them were abroad on the same flight.

That was stated as groundbreaking. Her determination to travel with both her son and her husband despite that strong royal rule shocked the public but also revealed just how strong Princess Diana was, and that shyness she had was not to mess with.

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Her sons

Prince William followed his mother in parenting his children. Princess Diana would spend time with her sons instead of leaving them with their nannies, and she would take them on her royal trips whenever she could. Prince William and Kate Middleton have a lot of Princess Diana’s pictures at their home, and they are always telling stories to Prince George and Princess Charlotte about their late grandmother, reminding them just how strong and sweet she was.

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Prince Harry will probably do the same

Prince Harry already did something as a tribute to his mother. He had Meghan Markle’s engagement ring made out of diamonds from Princess Diana’s collection. He will probably share the same stories with his future child, or children when the time comes. Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are already contributing to keeping up the memory of Princess Diana alive through their fashion choices in some subtle ways.

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