Who Was the First One to Find Out About the Duchess of Sussex`s Pregnancy?

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As you probably know, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first child in late April, early May. For the past few months, their unborn child has been an object of various theories and opinions. However, they were pretty quiet about information about the child.

They are maintaining their royal duties while they are preparing to become parents for the first time in their life. When the information about the pregnancy leaked, all of the members of royal parents became overwhelmed with excitement. The question is, who was the first one of them to find out about the pregnancy?

When Have the Public Heard About Meghan`s Pregnancy?


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The timeline of the royal couple`s is not a long one. They started dating in 2016 when they were introduced by the mutual friend. Pretty quickly, they fell in love, and they married only a year and a half later. According to some information, Harry proposed to her at the dinner, they were eating roasted chicken, and the actress, famous for her role in “Suits” tv show, said yes through tears.

Their marriage was held in the month of May 2018, and both of them stated that they are eager to start their own family. Later in the year 2018, information about her pregnancy was released into the public. Since then, they became one of the most popular couples in the world.

When Did the Family Learned About This Information?

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Most of the people would not share important information during a wedding, but the tradition in the Royal Family is somewhat different. Reportedly, the information about Meghan`s pregnancy was shared with other family members during the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank.

Naturally, they were eager to share this information with their family members, but it is not polite to talk about the pregnancy for the first three months. However, there is always that one person that learns about it before others.

Queen Elizabeth Always Learns First About Pregnancies


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Of course, the Queen is the one who is the head of the Royal Family. She is the most respected one in the family and the one that learns first about all of the important information about the family members. According to some sources, she is the one that learns first about the pregnancies in the family.

Plus, she is the first one to know that the baby is born and what the gender is after the baby is born. Most likely, she was the first one to find out that they are expecting their first baby, before other family members.

Traditions Regarding Pregnancies

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As we all know, the Royal Family loves its traditions. They have several traditions about the pregnancies and after the babies are born. Firstly, future parents cannot know the baby`s gender before the baby is born. Secondly, the baby must be wrapped in a certain type of blanket, when it is about to be shown to the public. As we know, Prince Harry and his wife are ones who are not strict about traditions. However, they will need to follow them.

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