Prince William and Prince Harry talking about them being separated

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During October 2018 a lot of news appeared that announced that the potential separation between Prince William and Prince Harry may happen and that they are going to continue their lives apart. This was sad news to all those that were accustomed to seeing them together in humanitarian actions and otherwise. But, it is time for each one of them to start his own life outside of Kensington Palace.

The split

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The potential feud between them should be discarded immediately since this is not the case. On the contrary, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are going to have a baby and this that they would have their responsibilities and obligations that are quite different from the ones that William has.

Furthermore, there are some indications that they planned to go separate ways long before this got into public in October. Some people say that the topic became active in May 2018 during the royal wedding. The fact that Harry and Meghan are moving to the countryside in spring, and to Frogmore, to live there is yet another proof of this.



First of all, both princes are royals but each one of them has different responsibilities in his own life. The topic of the constant quarrel among them is just not true but the fact that their ten-year joint life has to come to an end. First of all, each one of them has started his own family and has responsibilities towards his wife and children. Furthermore, William is about to become a king who would lead to completely new roles in his life and William will thus be Prince of Wales which bears its own responsibilities.


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It is well-known that Harry and Meghan plan to live in the countryside and that they want to avoid urban crowds and spotlights since this would be a better way to raise their child. Even though the reason is completely legitimate, it makes the slit and separation between the brothers even more apparent.

The Office

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Harry and Meghan would have two offices. The first one would be in Frogmore Cottage where they would live and they would maintain the office in Kensington Palace and will work there whenever they are in the city. Furthermore, the younger couple is also planning to make their team for communications, that would be separated entirely from the one of William and Kate.


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