Why do some people still wear wristwatches?

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Individuals have been wearing watches since they were created hundreds of years back. As cell phones have become quite popular, it sort of bodes well not to wear them any longer. This is since cell phones can likewise show time. However, individuals still wear wristwatches. Why?

The time, day and date are accessible with the pres of a single cell phone button. It’s made numerous elements of a wristwatch out of date. So for what reason do, regardless, we wear them?

Technology Take-over

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Yet, the sale and wearing of watches persist. But who is wearing them, for what purpose, and what sizes are they buying?

It isn’t a surprising bit of information to anybody that innovation has usurped a considerable lot of the capacities once served exclusively by wristwatches.

However, people still continue to wear wristwatches. Be that as it may, who are wearing wristwatches, for what reason? These are a few mind-boggling questions we hope to answer for you!

Reasons why people still wear a wristwatches

1. A faster way of finding out time

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The few seconds it takes for getting out your telephone to check the time and to return it is an exercise in futility. Furthermore, it’s increasingly helpful to take a speedy look at your wrist to check the time, particularly when you are working, out with friends, at a meeting or some other event.

2.  A man’s friend

In contrast to ladies, men don’t have a lot of choices with regards to accessories. A pleasant watch on their hand looks extraordinary. At the end of the day, a watch can enhance a man’s appearance. A man who has a decent watch on his hand will probably get more fascination from the ladies.

3. Fashion Accessory

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Regardless of whether you’re wearing formal attire or casual, an extravagant watch will effectively coordinate with your clothing. Additionally, it’s tasteful and unique!

4. Status Symbol

Indeed, even it is just a small bit of accessory; individuals view it and decide things like your societal position, wealth & taste. Same runs for your house or your vehicle. The better the object that you possess demonstrates the better your wealth status.

Watches are, currently, collectibles. During a time of cutting-edge tech gadgets, individuals who can bear the cost of it regularly treasure the out-dated nature of a perfectly made watch. People still prefer to pass the top of the line watches along as family legacies.

5. Convenient when working out

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With respect to exercises & other activities, wristwatches are considerably more advantageous when you leave the cell phone aside and go for running or climbing. On the other hand, a portion of the watches have waterproof capacity & can be additionally used while swimming or surfing.

6. Appropriate for all settings

A few people think that it is not convenient to check the phone to see the time. Now and then – think of conferences, formal gatherings, church, classrooms – it’s viewed as wrong to take out a telephone. It’s a lot less demanding to unobtrusively check your wristwatch.

7. Perfect for kids

If you don’t want your kids to use a smartphone to check the time, you can get them wristwatches for kids! There are wristwatches for kids which come with several functionalities such as GPS tracking etc. which make them a lot more attractive!

Here is a YouTube video link which will help you see why wristwatches for kids are a great idea!

8. Smartwatches

A few people would state “I needn’t bother with a watch since I have a cell phone.” But shouldn’t something be said about smartwatches?

Smartwatches are with worked in GPS, music playlist, health monitor, messaging and other more highlights that could be increasingly effective and give more prominent adaptability to the individual. It’s additionally an efficient choice, where you can simply look at the notifications on your smartwatch without opening your cell phone!

Yet, at the same time, it has restricted capacity contrasted with a cell phone, and you don’t need your arm remaining in one position for messaging on the little screen!


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Cell phones fulfill the need of wristwatches. Yet at the same time, individuals wear watches for several reasons. Concerning smartwatches, there are still much more approaches to enhance them, to contend with cell phone users. If the smartwatches capacity could be institutionalized like cell phones, then it can be a better option. Furthermore, if the Virtual Assistant features could be added to them, they would make things a lot easier.

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