Why Does No One Care About Shiri Appleby’s Leaked Nude Photo?

Wendy Stokesby:


Shiri Appleby is best known for her role on the since canceled TV show “Roswell,” and most recently as Adam’s new girlfriend Natalia on “Girls.” An actress whose star is back on the rise! So why has there been barely a peep from the notoriously pervy blogosphere about a leaked nude photo allegedly featuring the pretty brunette? Especially a nude photo as nude as this (NSFW full-frontal action here)? According to Gawker, the naked — and sans fards! – selfie popped up on the internet last week, and a few horny bastards with a keen eye for identifying key details (namely a mole on Appleby’s chest) confirmed its legitimacy. (It’s also been suggested that this photo was leaked as part of some “Girls” promotional stunt, as Appleby does go topless in that super uncomfy sex scene with Adam.) Yet no one seems to care! Allison Pill’s topless photo got more attention. I mean, I realize she accidentally posted it online herself, but still — more people watch “Girls” than “The Newsroom,” right? Could it be that the internet has tired of celeb nudie pics? I’m sorry, that’s a stupid question.

[Gawker (NSFW)]

Original by Amelia McDonell-Parry @xoamelia

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