Why Is Sinead O’Connor Blaming Arsenio Hall For Prince’s Death?

Wendy Stokesby:


As the world continues to mourn the loss of Prince, speculations about the  details surrounding his death swirl, unabated. While much of the focus is on both the severity of his hip problems and his abuse of pain-killers, there is a more outlandish conspiracy theory in the ether. On Monday, Sinead O’Connor blamed Arsenio Hall for Prince’s death.

While it’s true that Arsenio Hall revealed he’s known about Prince’s struggle with pain for a while, being aware of a friend’s health issues and being responsible for their death are two very different things. According to Sinead’s theory, Arsenio was supplying Prince with drugs all along and therefore responsible for Prince’s overdose.

Breaking reports from Prince’s representatives reveal that the late star was slated to meet with an addiction doctor for an emergency intervention around the time of his death. Apparently they called a doctor on April 20th, the day before Prince died. Dr. Kornfield was unavailable and sent his son on an overnight plane in his stead, who first discovered Prince’s unresponsive body.

While his cause of death has been largely focused on his addiction and abuse of his Percocet prescription  rumors have also circulated suggesting cocaine may have also been responsible for his demise. Regardless of which was most at fault, Sinead O’Connor has strong convictions that Arsenio Hall was both supplier and instigator.


In her Facebook post she said:

“Two words for the DEA investigating where prince got his drugs over the decades…. Arsenio Hall (AKA Prince’s and Eddie Murphy’s bitch) Anyone imagining prince[sic] was not a long time hard drug user is living in cloud cuckoo land. Arsenio I’ve reported you to the Carver County Sherrif’s office. Expect their call. They are aware you spiked me years ago at Eddie murphy’s house. You best get tidying your man cave.”

As you can see, Sinead’s post also includes an aside that accuses Hall of spiking her drink at Eddie Murphy’s years ago. While I strongly suspect her theories about Arsenio’s culpability in Prince’s are wrong, it’s  clear she has unresolved issues with Arsenio Hall.

Once he was made aware of the accusations being hurled against him Hall immediately denied her claims. His representatives said Sinead’s post was “false, ridiculous and absurd.” Their immediate and curt dismissal of O’Connor’s claims can equally serve as fodder for both those who believe her and those who don’t. After all, why engage with absurd accusations when you know they’re false? But also, if she’s tapping into the truth, having his representatives brush it off seems like a go-to move.

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