Why is The White House – White?

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Almost all people of the world know about a White House, home to the president of the United States. What you should know is that it wasn`t built with that color or with that name. It is known that is was painted in white after the attempt of the British soldiers to destroy it during the war of 1812. But we need to say that this is not true. The white house had that color even before that occurrence.

Source: whitehousehistory.org

The first name of the white house was the President`s House. Its constructing started in 1791. In 1800, the first president that moved in was John Adams. It was painted in white two years prior. Initially, its white color didn`t come from the paint. Instead, it was the product of whitewash that was lime-based. Its walls were made of sandstone, and they used a certain liquid to keep the rocks together during the winter and prevent them from freezing.

Source: The Advocate

The people who worked on the painting of the building needed to spread the whitewash several times to keep it fresh. As we already said, the first official name of the White House was President`s House. Over time, that white paint became a sort of important characteristic that became one of the most recognizable elements of the building. The term White House was used in the letter of Congressman A. Bigelow. The one that gave it that name officially was Theodore Roosevelt.

Source: whitehousehistory.org

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