Why Text Translation is Important for Website Localization

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A website with a simple UX is engaging for visitors. It improves the experience of using the site, and users feel enthusiastic about coming back again. The same holds true when it comes to website localization. If your target audience is not able to understand the language written on the website, it doesn’t matter how good your content is. Translating the site’s text to the viewer’s native language is a simple way to gain more customers. People will appreciate the website design, theme, and layout as long as they understand the text on it. This makes automatic translation an essential aspect of website localization.

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Reaching domestic and international markets

Can you imagine the new territories that your business can capture if there is an automatic translation facility on your website? It will tap not only new domestic markets but also the international market as well. Millions of people who don’t speak English or the native language in which your website content is written will not follow a word that you want to convey.

According to Anthony Teixeira, a popular French translator, if major advertisers include Italian text in their websites and want to target French customers, their money and resources will be wasted. Instead, if the website has translation options to French or any other native language of the area that the advertisers want to do business in, it will be beneficial to the target customers.


After Google’s Panda update, the algorithm ranks the websites according to their content to ensure more traffic. The update has also prioritized localization of websites so that if someone searches online for related products or services in their native language, local websites pop up in the search engine. If you plan to tap the international market, you should first ensure that your website content has a translation feature so that it matches the content that they are searching for.

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Better brand presentation

Are you planning to amaze your new target customers with your website? If yes, then don’t rely on browser translation plugins. They are the source of mistranslations, and that can have adverse effects on your target audience. You shouldn’t play around when your brand is at stake.

According to a survey by Common Sense Advisory, 56.2% of people said that the language on a website is more important than the price of the product. 52.4% said that they would only think of buying a product only if the website can convey the product description in their native language. That speaks a lot on why text translation is an essential aspect of website localization.

Personalized experience

When customers feel that a brand is trying to connect with them, there’s a good chance that they will keep coming back to the site. Since you will not see your customer personally, the least you can do is ensure that your website speaks the native language of the customer to create a better impression.

Website translation requires an investment, but when you see the dividend it pays, you will thank yourself for opting for good-quality translation service. After all, it is something you are doing for your business!

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