5 Unique Ways to Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

Danielle Grangerby:


Blogging is essential to your company’s online visibility and overall growth. It is a great way to generate links, more traffic and sales. Statistics show that companies that blog have 97% more inbound links than those that don’t. But you already know the importance of having a blog, which is why you already have one. But if you’re struggling to catch the attention of more readers, how do you generate those links? In this post, we look at five proven strategies to increase your blog’s traffic.

1. Promote with Social Media

One of the best ways to drive more traffic to your blog is to promote the content on social media channels. Everyone is using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to promote their content because these platforms are popular and have lots of users. While using these networks can make you more visible online, using smaller and less well-known platforms can give you a competitive advantage. Smaller platforms often have active audiences and have less competition for attention. Examples of smaller networks you can try out are Quora, Twoo, Tumblr and Empire Avenue.

source: centralcounties.ca

2. Know Your Niche

Finding a passion and creating content that revolves around it can help you grow an audience. While you may think that having a multi-topic blog will attract a lot of different people, it can hurt your SEO efforts, blog readership, and monetization.

Readers want quality content and will go for blogs that meet their preferences. Having a niche blog ensures you provide consistent and relatable content to readers.

3. Include Photos

Including images in your content is another great way to drive more traffic to your blog. Not only do images make your content look visually appealing, but they also help to grab a lot of traffic from image search engines.

Make sure that the images you use are relevant, consistent with your brand and are not copyrighted. If you’re interested in creating a blog that stands out, check out this detailed guide on starting a blog.

source: telekom.com

4. Don’t Forget the Keywords

There’s no doubt that the foundation of SEO is to implement a keyword strategy throughout your website content. Keyword concentration helps search engines understand what a certain page is about, which can lead to more traffic.

To find keywords for your content, think of terms that your potential customers might be searching for. Then find related terms by searching on Google. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and see what else people have been searching. Finally, use Google Search Console and Google Analytics to discover keywords that people are already using to find your site. Now incorporate these keywords into the title of your post, the meta description, within the content of the page and in a featured image on the page.

5. Incorporate Links

Including links in your blog posts shows that your content is credible and that it’s built on knowledge and research beyond your common sense and personal experience. It also provides a more in-depth experience for your readers and improves your reputation for thought leadership.

source: oaklands.school.nz

These five strategies can help increase traffic to your blog. But remember, the key is to focus on one strategy, make it work then try another one.

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