10 Facebook status updates to show your love towards your partner

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Almost every day, millions of people use the social media platforms to socialize with their family, friends, and co-workers. Over 300.000 status updates are posted by people from all around the world every minute. So, you can imagine how much posts are made each day.

Facebook is one of the best ways to check and see what people are experiencing, doing, and enjoying and in general, you will also be able to see what people are thinking about. When you open Facebook, you will always see the rectangular box that says “What’s on your mind?” If you choose to answer, it will appear in the newsfeed of every friend that you have on Facebook.

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Of course, finding the proper words to express what is really on your mind can be much harder and time-consuming than it looks. Love is one of the hottest and most talked about topics on social media sites, and a lot of people are looking for ways to find that special someone on the Internet, hence if you want to express your love or desire to be loved, you could do so by posting a Facebook status. However, be careful about what you post, sometimes, it can be interpreted in the wrong way, hence, here are some statuses that you can post to show love for that special someone:

1. “Everyone says that they cannot find the perfect someone…Well, maybe someone cannot find that perfect someone, because I am the one who already has him!”

2. “I do not need a Prince Charming since I have already found someone who is a million times better than him.”

3. “ I just realized that real love is not about romance, candlelight dinner, and long walks along the beach. It is about compromise, trust, care, and respect. Thank you for giving me those things.”

4. “Thank you for being you and for sharing your love with me. For inspiring me to accept myself and for helping me to see the unique beauty of my every imperfection. For showing me that love is something to do, something that is not just a thing to say, but also to be shown.”

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5. “The minute I read my first love story, I started searching for you, not knowing that I was blind all along. Partners do not finally and at last meet each other, they are in each other all along.”

6. “When I tell you that I love you, I do not say that out of habit. I tell you to remind you that you are one of the best things that happened to me.”

7. “I need you. You make me laugh more than anyone else, and I am the best version of me when I am with you. And when I am not with you, nothing feels right, until you return.”

8. “If I know what love is, it is because I love you.”

9. “You have no idea how much I care for you.”

10. “I know that I am not perfect, but I know that you are happy when you are with me.”

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There are various ways that you can express your love to someone through social media platforms. You can add pictures, change your profile picture or Facebook cover picture, or you could even write some notes and make videos for the people you love.


These are some statuses that you can post to show someone how much you love them.

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