21 Love & Life Lessons From Mariah Carey (In GIFs)

Wendy Stokesby:


1. When you’re having a disagreement with your boo, all you gotta do to reach an understanding is look in each other’s eyes and see the love that’s there. [“All In Your Mind”]


2. It may be hard to imagine, but someday you’ll see the person you used to love and feel nothing. [“You Had Your Chance”]


3. Even glamorous and famous pop stars have to deal with douchey guys. They are inescapable. [“Clown”]


4. Hard work, self-confidence and determination pays off. [“Make It Happen”]


5. If you truly love someone, you set them free, and if they return to you, then it’s meant to be. [“Butterfly”]


6. Have a vision of what you want your love life to be like and how you want to be treated, and don’t settle for less. [“Vision Of Love”]


7. If you’re looking for a hero, don’t forget to look inside yourself. That’s probably where the hero has been hiding all along. [“Hero”]


8. If it’s over, you have an obligation to be honest and let the other person know. [“If It’s Over”]


9. A broken heart can only break you down if you let it. [“Breakdown”]


10. Sometimes it takes a minute to figure out what you really want, so patience is key. [“Love Takes Time”]


11. Videotaping someone without their consent and putting the video up on YouTube is an ass-whoopable offense. [“Touch My Body”]


12. Beware of dating a much older man. [“Side Effects”]


13. Divorce is cause for celebration! [“It’s Like That”]


14. Christmas is not about material things — it’s about spending time with the one you love. [“All I Want For Christmas”]


15. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so when times are tough, remember that you too will make it through the rain and there’ll be nothing you can’t face. [“Through The Rain”]


16. There comes a time when you’ve got to move on already. [“Shake It Off”]


17. Oh, he’ll come crawling back, trust[“Someday”]


18. All things are possible if you believe you’re the greatest, reach for the stars and don’t let the competition ever count you out. [“Triumphant”]


19. Friends can end up being the best lovers, if you give them a chance. [“More Than Just Friends”]


20. But when one friend has a crush on the other, and the feelings aren’t mutual, the friendship is probably over. [“I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On”]


21. Tell your loved ones how you feel, because you never know when they might die. [“One Sweet Day”]

Original by Amelia McDonell-Parry @xoamelia

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