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Ideally, a proposal shouldn’t only be romantic or intimate, it should be unique. After all, this is the story we’ll be telling our girlfriends for the rest of our lives, so it better not bore anyone to tears. Top of the Empire State Building? Yaawwwn. Over a candlelit dinner? Cliché! On a beach at sunset? Meh. One suitor who shares a love of New York City history with his girlfriend wrote an email to Scouting New York, a blog run by a film scout that features tons of architectural details and out-of-the way places throughout the city.


The emailer was looking for suggestions for a unique location in the city where he could propose to his girlfriend. The blog opened up the query to readers, and the guy ended up going with the first suggestion in the comments, the whispering gallery in front of the Oyster Bar & Restaurant at Grand Central Terminal. What’s a whispering gallery? It’s a usually-domed architectural spot designed in such a way that if a person standing in one corner whispers, the person standing in the other corner will hear the whisper as if the speaker were standing right next to them. The night of the proposal, he led his girlfriend into the whispering gallery. But how did the proposal go? Find out after the jump.

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We walked to the arches and played around with the whispering for a little, then I shifted my tone and told her how much I care about her, among other nice things. She turned around, I was on one knee, and she ran over to my corner amidst a stream of commuters. She said yes, and we happily walked to dinner.

[Scouting New York]

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