7 Games NOT To Play At A Bridal Shower (Unless You’re Cynical)

Wendy Stokesby:


Wedding season has arrived, which means it’s time to put on something frilly, brush up on your bullshitting skills and sit through the dreaded prequel to your pal’s nuptials: the Bridal Shower. Without fail, the bridesmaids have planned some “fun” games for the group to help break up multiple hours of gift-opening, but what if Purse Raid and Bride Trivia were replaced with more exciting games that would really liven up the party? The next time you’re put in charge of bridal shower activities and want an easy out, perhaps you should suggest one of these way more interesting alternatives.

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1. Prenup Or No Prenup? Guests write their guesses down on pieces of paper, they’re put into a giant bowl and tallied. At the end, the bride reveals her financial plan to the group.

2. Which Guests Slept With The Groom? Whoever has the most correct answers wins a candle or scented soap.

3. Guess The Price. Like “The Price Is Right” but with shower gifts, because that makes the endless opening THAT much better. If I spent $150 on a set of bed shams, you bet your ass I want people to know about it.

4. Dress Her In Dollars. A twist on the common shower challenge where guests have to create the best “wedding dress” out of toilet paper. Just take all the cash out of your wallet and tape it to her, because that’s essentially what you’re doing anyway.

Source: southernliving.com

5. Fuck, Marry, Kill. The Bride, The Groom and the person to your right … GO!

6. The (Almost) Newlywed Game. Poll the Bride and Groom separately, asking them intriguing questions like “Which of you would cheat first?” “How would you rate your sex life from a 1 to 10?” and “Who’s your least favorite family member?” Compare and share the answers with the group at the end to prompt some real, raw discussion topics amongst the guests.

7. There Goes Your Sex Life. Everyone predicts which sex acts will be the first to go after the honeymoon is over. To be revisited on the couple’s first anniversary!

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