Another Woman Accuses James Deen Of Raping Her At A Las Vegas Party

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A fourth accuser has come forward alleging that she was raped by James Deen, this time at a party in Las Vegas during the 2009 AVN Awards. Speaking to to, the woman, who wanted to remain anonymous and identified as T.M., says that she was 21  and met Deen and his then girlfriend, porn star Joanna Angel, for the first time at the event. Later during that same trip, she encountered Deen at a party, where she said he assaulted her:

“I’d been drinking with my coworkers and friends, and I wandered up to a party in a suite not really knowing what it was. As soon as I walked [into the party], Deen saw me. He didn’t say anything. He grabbed me in front of the entire party and took me into a side room. I definitely said no, but I was also super scared. There was a crowd of his friends and fans [in the room]. He forced me to [perform oral sex on him] and had sex with me. As soon as he was done, he walked away. I was kind of in shock and I was embarrassed, so I just left, and I didn’t tell anyone. And I didn’t tell the people around me who had seen it that I didn’t want it, because here’s this person who’s important in the industry who’s dating my friend and is involved business-wise with people I worked with. I didn’t want it to affect my career or my friends’ careers. At the time, I also blamed myself. It felt like a weird gray area. And I don’t think anyone there knew that what he was doing wasn’t consensual.”

Later, T.M. said she came to the conclusion that Deen raped her in order to hurt Angel for some reason, and that she and Angel have since talked about the assault. “Now she knows the truth and believes me, and we’ve continued to be friends,” she said.

Speaking of Angel, Deen’s former girlfriend of six years will apparently be sitting down for an interview tomorrow with SiriusXM’s Jason Ellis Show to talk for the first time about their relationship. This comes on the heels of three additional women accusing the porn star of assault, including former girlfriend and costar Stoya, as well as adult film actresses Tori Lux and Ashley Fires. Angel has tweeted her support of all the women and described Deen as “dead inside” and “the worst human I have ever met.”

Source: Us Weekly

Yesterday, severed ties with Deen, and since then, we’ve also learned that Evil Angel, another porn company, suspended sales of newly created scenes with Deen. The sex toy retailer Doc Johnson has also decided to stop manufacturing his line of adult toys. And Farrah Abraham, Deen’s one-time porn costar, tweeted, “I’m not going to say ‘I TOLD YOU SO’ but I’m to [sic] busy for Rapists.”

As previously announced, The Frisky has ended our relationship with Deen and will no longer be featuring him as a sex advice columnist. His previously published columns have been edited to include a disclaimer about the allegations.




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