Astrology 101: Tough Situations That Each Sign Handles Beautifully

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A few weeks ago we talked about the common experiences most likely to give each sign a nervous breakdown, so we thought it was only fair to even things out and talk about the challenging situations that each sign can handle like a pro. Because yes, while there are certain things that turn all of us into blubbering puddles of panic, there are others that give us the chance to be our own superhero.

Here are the situations that bring out each sign’s inner badass:

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Quitting (and we mean this in the best way possible). Aries loves to take charge of their life and let go of things that no longer serve them. It could be anything from quitting a crappy job, giving up a bad habits such as smoking, or ending a toxic friendship or romantic relationship.


Staying grounded amidst chaos. Taurus has the unique ability to stay centered within themselves even when everyone and everything around them seems to be disintegrating into a chaotic mess.


Conflict. Gemini is more comfortable with conflict than any other sign. They see it as an opportunity to really talk things out and give your perspective and listen to the other person’s as well.


An illness of a loved one. Cancers are naturally amazing caretakers. Where others would be overwhelmed with stress, grief, etc., Cancers are able to stay calm while lovingly and wholeheartedly supporting those in need.


Finding a way when it seems impossible. You know those frustrating life situations when it seems like there is no possible way to succeed or forge a new path? Leo always knows how to make it work. They are the definition of “Where there’s a will there’s a way.”


A crisis — especially one that’s affecting someone they love. Virgo can keep their cool in times of crisis and not only that, they always know exactly what to do to help. Typically quiet, subtle people, this is where you see their true strength come out.

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Being in a new social situation. Whether starting a new job, attending a new school, or attending a party where no one seems to really click — no problem for Libra! They love using their social skills to bring people together and smooth out awkward situations.


Life as you know it completely falling apart. Everyone encounters a few traumatic moments in life where it seems like the world is crumbling around them. No matter how dire the outlook, Scorpio will always find a way to carve out a new life for themselves — a better, more fulfilling one at that.


Scary situations. Sagittarius seems to know exactly how to handle situations that are quite frightening or even truly dangerous. They maintain a keen sense of awareness and the perspective that allows them to see it through to a positive end (plus, they secretly love the rush!).


Having way too much on their plate. Capricorns thrive on a schedule that would put most of us in the hospital for exhaustion. They love the challenge, process, and feeling of accomplishment of having a multitude of tasks and responsibilities to fulfill and efficiently completing all of them.


Being totally overwhelmed. Illness. Family tension. Money trouble. Relationship drama. No matter how overwhelming the convergence of problems, Aquarians can always see it through and know they’ll eventually get through it, and everything will be OK.


Losing a job. Pisces’ innate ability to flow with what life gives them allows them to adjust and adapt to an abruptly shifting career path. Even when things are looking particularly bleak, Pisceans can roll with the punches and keep the faith it will all work out as it should.

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