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We have often heard the phrase ‘Health over wealth’ however in today’s fast-moving world it can be challenging to take out proper time for fitness training and exercise. If you are one of those people who are worried about that rapidly growing bulge but find it difficult to drag yourself to the gym or a workout studio, we have good news for you. Thanks to the internet you can find a workout of your choice and just follow it in the comfort of your own home. Yes, you might not have a treadmill at home but who needs one if you can find an intense workout that caters to your specific needs. There’s an online workout program available for everybody from cardio and yoga to even ballet. We have compiled an ultimate list of the best online workout programs in 2018 to help you choose the right one for you.

Best for yoga: Yogataket


Yogateket is online yoga heaven. The site offers everything from basic level beginner yoga classes to more intermediate and advanced yoga, meditation and pranayama programs. Whether you are a yoga enthusiast or just getting into the practice of yoga this website is definitely our top pick as the best online yoga site of 2018.

Yogateket provides an array of detailed videos that will not only help you master various yoga techniques but will also keep you motivated and inspired throughout your yoga journey.

The site features highly skilled teachers who are expert in their tradition. If you are suffering from physical or emotional stress, the platform also has specialized classes like hatha yoga therapy and meditation for anxiety and depression to aid you.


Yogateket provides you with a full-fledged experience, that too at highly attractive rates starting from only $18 a month. You can choose from three payment plans that include a monthly plan at previously mentioned price. A six-month plan at $99 and a twelve-month plan at $180. The best part is you can start your journey a free two-week trial.

Best for spinning: Peloton


The peloton is our top pick for the spinning category in the best online workout programs 2018. If you are looking for online workout classes that will help you pump up for energy and get you motivated Peloton is the best option for you. The website/app is an online subscription that gives you access to a large number of live studio classes. Consisting of a team of twelve highly trained professionals Peloton provides courses for all types of intense sweat jerking workouts including running and live cycling classes.

Although the app offers a wide variety of floor workouts as strength, boot camp and stretching it is best known for its intense in studio spinning classes that feature widely celebrated NYC trainers pumping you up and helping you reach your maximum energy level. Take your first step towards a healthier more energetic lifestyle and get the Pelton membership for only $39 per month. You can even get a  Peloton bike home with no money down for $58 /mo for 39 months.

Best with equipment: Tonal


Best known for it’s easy to follow step by step workout guides that incorporate state of the art equipment to make your fitness regime better and more effective. Tonal is yet another online service that made it to our list of best online workout programs, its place in the list is justified by the quality and effectiveness of the workout classes are for users. Tonal is an online tutorial bank for all your online fitness programs.

The company has developed a smart workout system which is arguably one of the most efficient and effective workout machines in the market. Like its name, it provides efficient workout routines to help strengthen and tone your body and it is easy to track your progress.

Do you want to get your hands on one of this machines you need to put down $2995 but you can get finance on as low as $199 including 2-year subscription and is included the smart accessories.

Best for weight loss: Buti Yoga


If you are looking for yoga classes that can help you with weight loss, Buti yoga is an overall winner. Buti yoga offers a wide range of works that can help you get in shape. The site updates its content weekly so you will never run out of classes or challenges to follow. Choose any one of the specific options and reach your weight goals. Buti yoga promotes workout that needs minimal equipment. They have video demonstrations and classes for targeted areas you would want to cut the fat in.

These at-home workouts focus on burning calories through a carefully planned and diverse exercise plan paired with just the perfect music to get you in the mood. Starting at $39.99 a month Buti Yoga also offers a free seven-day trial for their fitness exercises.

Best Yoga Workouts: Lizette Pompa Yoga

source: lizettepompayoga

Lizette Pompa’s YouTube is another key pick in our list of best online workouts 2018. We consider Lizette to be one of the best online fitness coaches there is. The best thing about this channel is that it is free to access. Lizette Pompa runs a Youtube channel which regularly uploads videos strength training that is called Monday Yoga Workouts. If you are looking for high-end studio-quality yoga workouts for free, this is by far the best option for you.

You can also find easy to follow and detailed yoga tutorials for tricky yoga techniques as Chaturanga Dandasana, and if you are a beginner we just stepping into yoga there’s an exclusive guide to Yoga for beginners as well. It is like having a personal yoga trainer at home. Lizette Pompa’s YouTube channel is our top pick for people who don’t want to commit to or invest in a paid subscription but at the same time are in need of a bodyweight workout.  

Best non-subscription: Udemy

Udemy is an online portal that provides a range of online programs/courses. It has an entire fitness related section with over 20 categories. These courses are brought to you by trained professionals in everyone form of fitness from intense workouts to yoga and even dance. The courses are very budget friendly starting at $19.99 and have proved to help many people reach their fitness goals. It is our pick for the best online streaming workout programs in 2018 because of the glowing reviews the courses receive.

Best for Live Yoga: Yogaia


Yogaia is an online live yoga program that helps you transform your home into a studio. Live yoga is a great option for people who don’t want to visit a studio but would like to schedule a set time for yoga. If you are someone who finds y uncomfortable to follow a video, live yoga is also a great option to you. Yogaia helps you choose your preferred type of yoga and what you want to achieve through yoga to find the best live session for you. You can choose from three subscription options starting from $19.99 a month $44.97 for three months or $119.88 for a year.

Best for Cardio: Booya Fitness


Accredited to be the number one in online fitness classes by GLAMOUR magazine Booya Fitness is online workout heaven. It offers various categories from kickboxing to sports conditioning however it is most well known for its cardio workouts. Booya fitness offers many online fitness classes which feature trained professionals and upbeat music to really get you into the mood. With their exercise program, it is easy to ditch the gym memberships.  A single cardio class can really make you sweat; the classes are full of energy and high in intensity. Apart from online classes you also have access to workout plans and a guided program so you can personalize your workouts. The subscription costs $9.99 a month, $26.99 for three months and $99.99 for a year.

Best for Pranayama: Yogateket


Pranayama is the practice of controlling your breath. It is a type of yoga practice widely known for the health benefits it provides, and it’s effectiveness on the mind and body. Yogateket is an online subscription that provides specialized yoga classes and full programs for learning and practicing pranayama breathing. You can find everything from beginner lessons that teach you the basics of pranayama to expert level classes. Yogateket is the best option to choose if you want to master the art of pranayama, you will not only learn from the best but also gain knowledge at the comfort of your own home. The subscription also gives you unlimited access to other types of home workouts classes featuring yoga and meditation.

Best For Equipment Review: Stuffoholics​

Stuffoholics is one place where you can find the best-reviewed gadgets you might need for your workout. From fitness equipment to outdoor tools, Stuffoholics got it all. The site offers in-depth analysis and comparisons of various workout tools in a very easy to understand manner. Whether you are new or expert in these sort of things, you are sure to find something useful here.

The site regularly posts reviews and informational contents regarding various gadgets which you might find intriguing. Although the site covers a vast area including outdoor recreational tools and gadgets, reviewing various types of fitness equipment of different brands is their specialty. It has a team of 4 experienced members who very specifically know what they do.

If you are confused about 2 or more fitness equipment and not sure which one to go for, is the website that can help you with their detailed reviews.”

Best for Pilates: Pilates.ology


If Pilates is your preferred exercise then Pilates.ology is the what you need. Great body workouts from Pilates and our pick as one of the best online workout sites 2018 for pilates is none other than the widely acclaimed subscription service Pilates.ology. This program gives you an all pass access to what is called pilates heaven, with over 1300 pilates related courses brought to you by the best most respected instructors around the world. With new additions, every week and a portal top discuss sessions and techniques. It brings the whole studio experience to you in the comfort of your home with unique sessions that require minimal equipment. The subscription costs $19 per month and $149 per year.

Best for Ballet: Ballet Beautiful


Ballet Beautiful is a ballet inspired online training program run by Mary Helen Bowers the ballet trainer who is accredited for training many Victoria secret models. If you are bored of the same type of workouts Ballet Beautiful is the place for you, they give an edge to your average workout incorporating ballet techniques into normal workouts. The online course is perfect for people looking to try something new but not wanting to leave their house. From increasing flexibility to toning muscles the tutorials and classes cover everything in comprehensive detailed while the added benefit of learning ballet. The subscription is $39.99 a month.

Best for Barre: Barre Fitness


The fitness trends are never-ending. Another great online workout program that’s free of cost, Barre Fitness is the perfect choice for you if you don’t like traditional workouts. Barre workouts is a new and innovative genre of exercises that mixes a variety of elements to create an energizing workout. These workouts are a great way to burn calories while having fun. Barre Fitness has a range of exercises with and without equipment. It brings you the best and most effective workouts from barre professionals that not only teach you the positions but can also help motivate you. Check out their classes for free on their YouTube channel.

Best Variety: Daily Burn


Daily Burn is the ultimate destination for you if you can’t find an effective daily workout that works for you. With over twenty categories and additional challenges to boost the difficulty level for those workout fanatics looking for more, Daily Burn is top of the list when it comes to variety. There is something for everyone at the daily burn. You can access a databank of workout videos for only $19.95 a month. In addition to that daily burn helps you find customized workouts for yourself that can help you reach your fitness goals. The daily burn community consists of professionally certified trainers help take your workout to the next level in the comfort of your own home or office.

Here is our list of the best online workout sites 2018. Choosing a subscription can be very tricky to find what is right for you. The best thing about all of these programs is that all of them offer a free trial for a certain period, availing these trials can help you make a better decision. Online workout programs are a growing trend, and they can help you move towards a healthier lifestyle. These programs cater to the needs of the buyer and are easily accessible to anyone anywhere.

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