Celebrities Who Were Born In The Same Year

Wendy Stokesby:


Sandra Bullock and Monica Bellucci: 54 years old



Macaulay Culkin and Chris Pine: 38 years old



Kevin Spacey and Sean Bean: 59 years old



Macaulay Culkin and Jake Gyllenhaal: 38 years old



Megan Fox and Emilia Clarke: 32 years old



Thomas Sangster and Aaron Taylor-Johnson: 28 years old



Natalia Oreiro and Liv Tyler: 41 years old



Natalie Portman and Jessica Alba: 37 years old



Tobey Maguire and David Beckham: 43 years old

Leonardo DiCaprio and Joaquin Phoenix: 44 years old



Matt Damon and Vince Vaughn: 48 years old


Source: brightside.me

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