Game Of Thrones Season Eight Trailer Is Out

Bojana Dujkovicby:


It’s already time for Game of Thrones eight and final season trailers and teasers to start showing. Yet we believe that they won’t give us much as this season will be the greatest of them all, and definitely more shocking than any other.

Every Game Of Thrones season gave us something shocking and many of our favourite characters died throughout the series. We are quite sure we can expect much from this one too.

The first teaser from season eight, which are was dropped on December 6th, didn’t show us much but showed enough for those who can read between lines.

In the video we can see a map of Seven Kingdoms and frost coming from the north, freezing a direwolf and a dragon. If you are a hardcore GOT fan, then you probably know what this means. But then we see fire coming from the south and a lion. When the two clash they are creating a wall.

This probably means there will be another great war between the north and the south, and hopefully, the south will win. No matter the outcome, many people have already started looking for Game of Thrones season 8 live stream. It is still early though, but the best thing you can do is subscribe to HBO and watch the episode as it comes out.

The new and final season is confirmed to start in April 2019.


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