Chelsea Handler Posts Topless Photo On Instagram To Make A Point About Sexism

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  • Chelsea Handler posted this topless photo (posed on a horse a la Vladamir Putin) on Instagram three times, and it was promptly taken down three times, because Instagram hates women’s nipples. Sadly, I can’t post bare nips on our homepage either, sorry Chelsea. [Jezebel]
  • NBC must be trying to increase ratings on “Saturday Night Live,” because the hosts of “The Today Show” all dressed up as seriously dated “SNL” characters for Halloween. [Us Weekly]
  • Amanda Bynes was released from her psychiatric care facility yesterday after being deemed stable enough that she can’t be held involuntarily. [Us Weekly]


  • J.K. Rowling says that the character of Dolores Umbridge (PSYCHO BIZNATCH) from the Harry Potter series was actually based on a real person who was a fan of “twee accessories.” [People]


  • Fuck yes, another Pee-wee Herman movie is HAPPENING. [Dlisted]
  • In praise of skull trumpet, the internet’s spookiest meme. [Gawker]

  • Daniel Radcliffe is a surprisingly good rapper. [The Daily Dot]
  • Some mom has started a petition to stop Kim Kardashian from making baby clothes because she’s a slut, or something. [Death and Taxes]

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