6 Failproof Flirting Moves to Use Online

Petar Mikonossby:


If you want to succeed in online dating, you want to make sure you leave the best possible first impression. Don’t forget that there are many other guys or girls after the same person that you are interested in. So bring you’re A-game!

One of the most effective ways to impress someone is with charm. Flirting will go a long way to ensure that you stand out from all your person-of-interest’s other options.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t come easy for all of us. It is even harder online where you cannot go for contact as your backup flirt trick.

If you are stuck, here are six tips that will make your life easier and save you from making silly mistakes.

1. Detailed compliments

After physical contact, compliments are considered the most effective flirtation tool. But don’t just tell a pretty girl she is pretty or a hot dude that he has a beautiful body, like those Latina women. They have probably already heard this a million times.

Source: flirt.com

The best way to stand out is by finding those unique little compliment-worthy features that not many people notice like how they have lovely smirk lines on their selfies. Or the way their eyes look multicolored on their sun-kissed photos.

The detailed descriptions will make it look like you took the time to go through their profile. That, in turn, shows your interest in them is genuine.

2. Open-ended questions

There is truly nothing as mentally draining as ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions when talking to someone online. This is where open-ended questions come in to save the day. They show that you are interested in getting to know the person on a deeper level, which is incredibly charming.

3. Notice the small things

Sometimes flirting is as simple as paying attention. Notice how they text at certain times of the day or how they use emojis in every message. Or even that they love using certain words when communicating. This is a serious turn on for many people and will definitely catch your match off guard.

4. Trade characters for pixels

A photo is worth a thousand words when it comes to flirting online. Depending on the nature of your interaction, it could be anything from a cute selfie to a risqué body shot. It is entirely up to you to decide what kind of message you want to send to your interest.

Source: ctfassets.net

5. Do some teasing

Kids in middle school have one thing right about love, and this is that teasing is a great way to show you are interested. Now take the pigtail pulling and borderline-bullying out of the equation, and you’ll find teasing is a flirting tool you can actually use as an adult. Just make sure to avoid their insecurities or being mean.

6. Move things offline

Finally, you will want to seal the deal and make all your efforts worth it by moving your interactions offline. Remember that flirting is all about showing that you’re interested in a person and there is no better way to do this than actually to plan a date. What makes this even more genius is that you can bring in the nuclear bomb equivalent of all flirting skills into the equations – physical contact.

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