Hillary Clinton did the mannequin challenge in case the youths forgot how hip and fun she is

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You know a trend is over when a 69-year-old grandmother in a red pantsuit gets in on it. Which is why everyone should be glad presidential candidate Hillary Clinton did the “Mannequin Challenge” on her private campaign plane with her staff, reporters, and Jon Bon Jovi after her rally Monday night. Also, spotted? Her aide Huma Abedin, who’s now allowed back on the plane since the FBI admitted that her emails weren’t criminal, Bill Clinton with a shit-eating grin, and Clinton campaign press secretary Brian Fallon, who I have randomly developed a crush on while watching him on cable news because this election has crushed my soul and sense of dignity.

Source: Today Show

Anyway, don’t you want to know what Clinton’s face looked like when someone asked her to pause for a minute and pretend she was a mannequin? Something tells me she probably wasn’t amused. Sure, she wants to get that millennial vote, but you know she has no idea what the #MannequinChallenge is. I mean, most of the emails leaked by WikiLeaks show her asking other people to print lists and set her DVR for Scandal. There’s no way Clinton knows how to use social media. Seriously, she listens to Katy Perry — c’mon, man.

She also had just finished an event where Lady Gaga headlined, had Stevie Wonder write her a song, and “rapped” a Jay Z lyric this weekend. Maybe she’s cooler than we think. LOL, just kidding.

Original by: Karen Fratti

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