Holidays in Italy: the cities of art over-win

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People who choose a vacation in Italy are increasingly inclined to book trips, tours and itineraries through web pages, relying on industry experts. Data on Italian tourism highlight a steady increase in flows to the Bel Paese.

Among the preferred regions, Puglia is in the lead, followed closely by Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Trentino Alto Adige, Calabria and Veneto. In terms of holidays, Italy boasts record numbers, with a large presence of foreign tourists.

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2019 marks a return of the holiday to the cities of art

In 2019, interest in cities of art returned to growth. The vacation in Italy includes culture, nature, art, food and wine. However, it is mainly the tours that focus on visiting the cities of art that create great interest. Among the most popular places, as the search engines show, we find Milan, Naples, Rome, Florence and Bologna.

The merit is certainly of international appeal that these city areas boast, of which the tourist first appreciate the value of the vast cultural and artistic heritage. Attention to the cities of art is evaluated through the numbers of the presences. The most popular cities are Florence, Venice and above all Matera, which is the European Capital of Culture 2019.

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In Italy there is so much to see beyond the most popular destinations. The choice falls on unique archaeological sites in the world, natural beauty, small medieval agglomerations, seaside towns, mountain villages and much more. A vacation in Italy, more and more tourists are booking trips and tours online, relying on industry experts.

Those who choose a vacation in Italy are increasingly inclined to book trips, tours and itineraries through web pages. Usually we rely on realities that count on the presence of managers with decades of experience in online service marketing, but also young people who have made tourism their education and profession.

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Tourists who travel from town to town have so much passion and curiosity, so they consider that it is essential to be able to see as much as possible, enjoying well-structured routes and itineraries. They want to know the area, observe closely, meet people, have fun and not miss even an instant, they rely on industry professionals to organize personalized tours that perfectly meet their needs and tastes.

To guarantee yourself an itinerary that perfectly meets your expectations, here you can find out more, with the certainty of being in the right place.

Holidays in Italy to observe the beauty of the area and taste good food

Tourists appreciate the beauty and variety of the Italian territory, enjoying both seaside and mountain holidays. Art, culture and magnificence of the landscape are an interesting goal of travel. But there is certainly no lack of interest in Italian cuisine. Food and wine tourism has nothing to envy to the other proposals.

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The confirmation comes to us from the numbers and expenses that tourists reserve for the various sectors. If the daily per capita expenditure dedicated to the food and wine holiday is around 117 euros, the one sustained for the mountain holiday is 107 euros, while the one for the sea is about 91 euros.

The dishes prepared in our kitchens conquer even the most demanding palates and the merits are of the ancient gastronomic traditions, as well as of the genuine and zero-mile ingredients.

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