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I’m planning a big trip to Europe next summer. The only problem is that I am pretty much useless at planning anything more long term than a few hours from right now. So far I’ve saved a little money, written down a few goals, and that’s pretty much it. When I told my friend Lynn, a seasoned traveler, that I was having trouble getting started, she gave me a great tip…“Whenever we’re planning a big trip, my husband and I post a huge map of our destination somewhere really prominent in the house,” she said. “It could be on the inside of the front door or across our bedroom wall, but it has to be somewhere that constantly reminds us of where we’re going and what we’re saving for.”

Source: pinadventures

A travel inspiration tip that also makes my house cute? Eureka! I’m currently in the process of plastering vintage maps of London across my bedroom wall. Within a few weeks not only will I have a refreshed decorating scheme, but I’ll also be falling asleep every night with visions of my dream vacation dancing through my head.

What do you do to psych yourself up for a big trip? What inspires you to make your traveling goals a reality?

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