How curtains can make your house look better

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Decorating your windows can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process. Especially if you need to endlessly search for the perfect curtains to fit the overall style of your room. But, once you have found the perfect one, they can make a big impact and tie together the whole look. When you are in the process of choosing the right curtains or drapes, do not only think about the style but also think about the function as well. Whether you want to filter the light, have more privacy, or add colors, you should keep these four things in mind when searching for curtains:


  1. Privacy and lighting – depending on the space, you should consider how much light do you want to filter our or in. If you are choosing curtains for a living room, you should choose sheer curtains that will allow more light to come in. However, if you are choosing curtains for your bedroom (where you usually like less natural light and more privacy), you should consider purchasing heavier fabrics.
  2. Measurements – curtains that are the right length will improve your décor and make the room feel much bigger than it is. Choose curtain or drapes based on the height from the rod to the floor. Remember to add the height of the rings as well, and how much space you will want between the rod and curtains. Also, when you measure the width of your window, think about how full you want your curtain to be.
  3. Material – when searching for the right curtain, fabric choice is an important thing to consider. Before choosing a fabric, think about the function it will have. For a sunny vibe, consider linen or cotton. And if you want to add a little bit of drama, then you should choose suede or velvet. Keep in mind that fabrics that are heavyweight will block out more or all the light coming into the room.

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  1. Style – once you have evaluated all the things above, it is time to pick out the style that will go well with your room. Add a little bit of color with a solid or patterned curtain or drape. If you want to be bold and make a statement, a colorful, vibrant curtain will work perfectly for you. And if you want a subtle style, you could go with neural patterned curtains. For example, the curtains at Newcastle Carpet One gives you the ability to customize your curtain, which means that you will be able to choose the pattern, color, texture, and material.

Curtains can transform the space into a place that provokes a specific feeling or that improves a specific style. Hence curtains play a major role in a well-designed interior. Here are four ways in which curtains can improve your room:

  1. Hanging curtains can make a room look taller and more spacious – did you know that curtains can make a room look taller? In order to achieve this, hang the curtains that go from the floor, up to the rod. You might also find it surprising that curtains can make your room feel wider. It is simple to do, simply extend the curtains past the window frame.

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  1. They can change the mood of the room – the type of curtains that you choose to hang might affect the ambiance of a room. Rich fabrics, cornice boards, swags, and tiebacks all add a certain level of luxury to the room, while thin, neutral fabrics with bright prints might give a more laid back feel to the room.
  2. They can introduce color to the room – by adding curtains, it creates a perfect way to add color to your room. A subtle print or color can add interesting features to an otherwise monochromatic room. If you do not wish to change the colors of the walls, hanging some colorful drapes might help.

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