How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship?

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Most people claim that long distance relationships simply don’t work! There are actually a lot of claims to support it. The majority of these kinds of relationships are a result of one person having to move or meeting somebody from a different city. But whatever its inception may be, the fact still remains that most of them fall apart.

However, there are many claims that say that long distance relationships are the sweetest. Many of the usual things that you get to experience with your significant other mean so much more if you experience them in these kinds of circumstances. For instance, simple things like holding hands, taking a walk, having a meal together, all of it will be far more relevant to you when you don’t see the person that you are sharing those moments often.

Nevertheless, even with all the good things about a long distance relationship, most of them fall through and the people in it end up separating eventually. So how to make a long distance relationship actually work? What are the things that one has to follow in order to maintain your relationship? Here are some tips that you can follow to help your long distance relationship!

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Avoid Excessive Communication

What people often get wrong when it comes to a long distance relationship is the need to communicate more. This can backfire in a lot of times. Many couples feel the need to compensate by constantly texting, chatting and talking to each other. It is good to do that when you don’t see a person that you like but you can keep it for 12 hours a day and it just becomes stifling.

In this case, less is more! You should communicate with your girlfriend or boyfriend but do not overdo it. It is not the case of volume but quality. It works better if you text a message or a pic just at the right time. Teasing is better instead of overloading.

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Send Surprise Gifts

Another way to keep the flame going if you are miles apart is by sending gifts. These do not have to be really expensive gifts. Small trinkets or even a card will do. The most important thing is that you show that you care and that the person you are sending it to matters.

Probably the best surprise gift would be to send flowers by post! You can send it to your girlfriend when she least expects it. You don’t really need a special occasion to do that, you just have to send it to show how much she means to you.

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Communicate Regularly, but Creatively

Communication during a long distance relationship is essential for its survival. We already said that overdoing it can be suffocating for the both of you. But if you do it in a creative way it can be a plus. Communication is key, but you have to figure it out when and how to do it.

What all people agree is to send good morning and good night messages. This is a must and it surely works. You can also send pics, gifs, short videos and a lot of different things. But the most important thing is that you are creative and that you do not spam messages all the time.

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Be Honest To Each Other

One of the most important aspects of a long distance relationship is honesty. We do not mean cheating or trying not to lie, we mean sharing your feelings and talking to your partner honestly. When you are apart a lot of things can happen. More often things that are related to your personal life and not the relationship. Sometimes it is good just to talk to somebody in order to feel better.

Hiding things from your boyfriend or girlfriend is not good. Mainly because the truth will always come on top. If the person knows you they will be able to sense that something is wrong. Whatever you are experiencing it is always better to tell your partner. Tell them about the bad stuff that happens and share the good things as well. This will help fight depression and apathy

that can also arise when you are separated from a person that you like. Being honest is a very crucial part of a long distance relationship which can help it last longer.


Do Things Together

You are probably asking “How?! If we were close we would probably do something together!” But that’s the actual trick and there are ways for a couple to do things together even if they are miles apart. In the world, without today’s technology, it was the distance that kills. Luckily, today there are ways and methods that can help you not to feel the distance at all.

So when we say do things together, we literally mean what we said. You can play an online game together. Watch something on YouTube at the same time. Watch a show or a movie together while you are on Skype. You can even take a literal walk together while video chatting. Thanks to modern technology distance do not have to be a big issue as it once was.

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Visit Each Other

This is probably the highlight of a long distance relationship. Finally meeting and seeing your boyfriend or girlfriend after a long time of separation makes all the time waiting for it worthwhile. All those days that you have spent apart need to be made up in the short time that you have together.

You can plan visits on a weekly basis or however it suits you. Most of the time it depends based on the actual distance. If you live close by you can make more frequent visits. If the distance is greater you will have to plan the visits better and plan ahead. But the purpose is that you finally get to contemplate your relationship physically and that you can finally see each other in person and not through a telephone or a computer screen.


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