In Bed With … Alexander Skarsgard

Wendy Stokesby:


August 25, 1976, Stockholm, Sweden
Sun: Virgo
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Virgo
Mercury: Virgo
Venus: Virgo
Mars: Libra

Love Style:

Alex is a man on a mission. He has a no-nonsense approach to life and in love — if he were a fashion style, he would be straight-up utilitarian. He’s not out for crazy sex with hookers spanking him senseless in random trashed hotel rooms filled with pills and leather. No, this is the guy that is all about love in the traditional sense and having relationships in a super-efficient way. He wants a partnership that works as a team for all the conventional aspects of life — a woman to go to the movies with, someone to come home to, discuss world issues with, etc. No, he’s not the most romantic, but he’s definitely loyal. What he lacks in excitement, he makes for in service, as he is the man that would like to be a tad pussy-whipped. It’s more secure for him to be in a situation where he is given direction, rather than being the one dispensing it.

Sex Style:

Alex gets off on getting his woman off. He feels at his best when he knows his actions have results. Chances are he takes the time to really understand his lover’s body and is determined to perfect his ways in pleasing her. This is good news for bossy chicks that just want to get some loving, without paying the piper — as he does well as the subordinate. While that can aggravate others who are into more equality, the bottom line is he does need a stronger hand to guide him. But no matter what the circumstance, the good thing about him is that he never quits. Although he can be a bit bland in his own style, he will make sure each adventure ends with a bang.

His Type:

What is good for Alex and what is his type are most likely vastly different. Virgo men like fixing people and, as most of you know, that never ends well. Yes, this gives him a bit of superior attitude in a relationship, as he will think he has the answers, but if he happens to hook up with a woman that can hold her own, that might be the shock to his system that he needs — as his need to be of service will have to get redefined. If a woman can charge his mental batteries with riveting conversation that stops him dead in his tracks, then that is the woman for him. However, chances are he opts for the easy route most of the time, opting for women he can serve in a safe way — as in being a daddy to or, at the very least, a consistent sex slave. It will take time and effort for him to build up his ego to have a woman that he has to push himself to impress, but once he gets there, he will find the perfection he craves.

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