IPL vs Laser Hair Removal: Which one you Should Choose?

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How often do you shave or wax? Perhaps, every day, might be a couple of days or once a week? The next questions are how long it takes, and does it bother you? Are you fed up with the cream removal that doesn’t work? Or are you always in a hurry and don’t have time for this? If you are also thinking about these questions, this article is for you.

Methods for Hair Removal

In these days there are various methods and product for lasting hair removal. By just typing the keyword “hair removal,” dozens of brands will appear on your screen. The questions are, is the products are safe, effective and in line with your budget.

There are two popular methods, they are proven and have reputations for effectiveness. Hence, the comparison is inevitable, the following will define each method.

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IPL Hair Removal

The IPL stands for “Intense pulsed light.” Several salons and clinics offer this service, or another option is, you can do-it-yourself, just buy it at Amazon, the price range From $150 up to $500 depending on brands. Several well-known brands are from Philips, Remington, Gillette, DEESS, Tria. Check this guide on IPL hair removal machines by ScheerZone for more details.


The IPL technology is preventing hair growth by using high-output flashlamp (high-intensity light). This broad-spectrum light will be absorbed by melanin and will permanently injure the hair shaft (root), follicle and hair-producing papilla.


IPL requires more session to achieve the desired effect usually it required 10-15 treatment, this needed to damage the hair in all phases of growth. Furthermore, it’s more effective in persons with a dark-haired and light to medium skin.

This treatment is more affordable than laser. However, it is ineffective for individuals with white or gray hair and dark skin. Also, the IPL that you bought online, although it’s safe and approved by FDA, it is less effective compared to the medical-grade device according to the study.

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Laser Hair Removal

Most patients and medical practitioners are expressing for laser preference than IPL. This technology becomes available in the mid-‘90s. In some countries this treatment is unregulated, although it’s not taught in medical school, but, if done by untrained practitioners can result in burn and scars.


While the IPL used broad-spectrum, means less focus on the target. The laser treatment used only one wavelength for deeper penetration, more concentrated in the specific area, once it touches to the melanin, the “laser burns” the hair all the way to the follicle and bulbs (roots).


It requires several sessions to damage all the phases of hair growth, but less compared to IPL. Brands like Alexandrite (755nm), ND: YAG (1064 nm), Diode (800-810 nm) can treat all kinds of skin and hair.

You can also purchase it online but, needless to say, that medical grade laser is more effective, besides, there are trained technicians who will perform the treatment in clinics.


While the treatment for IPL is less expensive, it also takes more session, means extra payment and more time. Furthermore, you need to examine your skin, if the IPL treatment is suitable in your case. If you are taking medication and experiencing hormonal imbalance, it’s better to consult the professional before buying online.

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