Is Meghan Markle Having Royal Twins?

Wendy Stokesby:


When Duke and Duchess of Sussex make a public appearance the whole world go crazy. Everyone on this planet wants to peek in their fairytale and read all about them and their life. Every woman watches the pictures of the outfits of the Meghan Markle on their first international tour. The latest top news is about the next royal baby because the pregnancy was announced on Oct. 15.

The most recent question among the fans today is-  Is Meghan Markle having twins?  Some of the fans think that there is going to be two royal babies. Kensington Palace did not comment these speculations and did not make a special announcement.


Prince William and Kate Middleton`s kids

If you do not know, in the text below you can read about the youngest royals and their kids. Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and the Duchess, have three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. The second prince and the third child, Prince Louis was born on April 23, this year.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle`s wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, also had a beautiful, dreamy, a fairytale wedding in May this year, one month after the birth of Prince Louis.

At the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, William and Kate`s children stole the show, and the public went crazy for them in their cute outfits and special attitude. Princess Charlotte, with flowers in her hair, was the main star of the wedding and the top post on social media when and she started waving to the crowd. Everybody remembers her silly face from the car when she goes with her family from the St. George’s Chapel that day.


The Family Goals

The public is eager to see what will do Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s kids.

The royal family can be put under the hashtag #familygoals already, but if the Meghan will have two more cutie pies, the future is bright and shiny for the British royals.

Twins- Rumors or the Truth

But, where the rumors begin about the twins? This information has to do with bet results that came in on the morning of Friday, Nov. 23. The most bigger results are for twins at the bookmakers.

The bookmakers stop taking bets that Meghan Markle will have two babies because of a large number of the wagers that came that morning. They think that probably some insider share that information, and they immediately suspended the bet.

“Since the day began, the stream of bets has led us to believe that perhaps the punters — or an insider source — knows something more than we do,” added the spokesman of the bet company. Long story short, some close person to royal coupleIn, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, spread a word that the Duchess is waiting for twins, and share that news into the direction of bets.

They probably shared the exciting news with their friends and their friend with their family and at the end, it has created the large wave of wagers and the great number of bets in favor of the twins.

This speculation is rocking the news since the last week because the public is in love with the new royal couple and the twins will be the cherry on top for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The 5 British royal kids will be the true blessing for the world.


The International tour of the Duke and the Duchess

On their first international tour, they have tons of success, the public love them, and they together make a positive marketing for the British royals. The biggest success was this year when they visited Australia and be part of the Invictus Games, which Prince Harry launched in 2014. Everyone expected that they will be the perfect parents to their baby or babies.


Meghan Markle- the Duchess

Meghan Markle has fitted in the right way in this particular family, and have fans all around the world, even across the pond. This retired American actress was a counselor for international charity One Young World, and she continues her activities in that field. The Vogue magazine choose the Duchess for the most influential woman in the USA.


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