Jon Snow And Ygritte Are Back On In Real Life

Wendy Stokesby:


Game of Thrones actors Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Rose Leslie (Jon Snow’s wildling cherry-popper Ygritte) are officially a back-on-again real-life couple and just so you know this post is going to be littered with spoilers. If you aren’t caught up on the show and you keep reading, that is on YOU, my friend.

Can I take a moment to thank not a sex symbol Kit Harington and Rose Leslie for making Game of Thrones basically just fanfiction for real life? OF COURSE they’re on-again-off-again. The name of the book series is A Song of Ice and Fire. If their relationship wasn’t hot-and-cold, nothing in this world would make sense.

There’s the universe of real life, there’s the multiverse parallel in which Game of Thrones literally exists, and then there’s the multiverse parallel in which you can’t even tell where that line is, in which George R.R. Martin’s imagination made Westeros manifest on Earth. And in that universe, are Kit Harington and Rose Leslie ghost-boning? Did Ygrose Lesling (I’m assuming Ygritte’s last name is Wildling) possess Olly to make him conspire with the Brothers so that she and Kon Snowrington could get their ghost-bone on?

Anyway, feel free to conspire in the comments that this is all just a publicity stunt for what I am convinced is not actually Jon Snow’s final handful of appearances on the show, as if Game of Thrones needs publicity stunts to up those Nielsen ratings. And congratulations to Harington and Leslie! I hope they get married and have lots and lots of babies so that all the GoT/Song of Ice and Fire fans don’t have to cry forever about their characters’ tragic end(s).

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