Limited Runs Displays Awesome Vintage Posters

Petar Mikonossby:


Vintage artwork has always appealed to many. However, with collectors battling it out to outbid themselves on the auction of vintage collections from travel posters to movie posters, the popularity and attention around vintage artworks have hit an all-time high.

At an auction in Sotheby’s in October 2018, the vintage poster for The Mummy – a 1932 film – was sold for a record-breaking price of over $1 Million. Similarly, at another auction in November, the vintage posters of the Mickey Mouse went for over $100,000 and this is just a few out of several other instances.

The rarity of a collectible item is where its true value lies. The vintage poster market is amongst the fastest developing in the globe. Only a handful of these posters were ever made, and they were usually displayed outdoors, so only a very few of them still exist. In some instances, only one or two copies are available. This further goes on to highlight why the demand for these rare collectibles are soaring. In addition, many artists have also contributed to the world of posters

For collectors out there and those looking to add to their gallery of authentic vintage poster artwork, Limited Runs operates one of the biggest collections and are resellers of original, collectible Vintage Posters. Based in Los Angeles, Limited Runs sells only genuine, high-quality, unique and valuable pop-culture collectibles and artwork.

Their wide array of collections are gotten from legal and authentic sources from across the globe including vintage music, movie, advertising posters, travels, as well as print art and unique and rare original artwork and photography.

While it is often referred to as a trend, Vintage designs have always existed for centuries, and people have constantly used them as an inspiration to create new designs. Almost every current design in various categories features a touch of the past – from decorative arts, music, to fashion and architecture. Vintage designs are also emotional because they evoke a nostalgic feeling since it connects us to the past, where it all began.

The demand for vintage posters is also increasing exponentially. Since we live in an age where trends come and go quickly, technology develops at a tremendous pace, and political structures are very fragile. Vintage artwork and posters stretch back to when the world was simpler and calmer, where beauty was truly developed and appreciated. This is in stark contrast to our modern, digital and minimalist world.

Limited Runs is preparing a series of events and programs for 2019 that will showcase their different varieties of vintage poster collections. They will also host exhibitions and interactive events at their prestigious gallery which will surely grab the headlines the next morning. These events will build up to one big exhibition – the 2nd annual interactive art exhibition experience and Pop Art Photo Show, holding on the 3-6 October 2019 at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California.

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