Melania Trump is tired of everyone making fun of her

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Melania Trump became the butt of endless jokes throughout Inauguration Day, as photographers continued to capture her looking rather unhappy to be married to Donald Trump. It continued when Chelsea Handler said she wouldn’t have Mrs. Trump on her show because she “can barely speak English.” Well, Melania is tired of everyone making fun of her, and the Trumps’ lawyer fired back at Handler for the diss.

When Variety asked the comedian dabbling in talk show journalism these days if she would have the new president on her show, she responded simply with “no.” She was then asked if she would have the first lady on her Netflix show, and she responded, “No. Melania? To talk about what? She can barely speak English.”

I mean, she ain’t wrong. But the Trumps were not pleased with the dig at Melania, and their personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, told Page Six, “Shame on Chelsea Handler for attacking our first lady in such a despicable manner.” He continued his defense of FLOTUS, saying, “Don’t be fooled by her accent. Melania is bright and articulate. To be clear, our first lady speaks multiple languages, I believe five. How many languages do you speak, Chelsea?” Well, Handler is learning Spanish. And I’ve never seen proof that Melania speaks any languages other than English and Slovenian so…

This certainly wasn’t the first time the Netflix talk show host took a stab at Melania’s accent, either. She made multiple jokes about her speaking skills during the election (from her accent to her plagiarizing), tweeting in October, “Trump said Melania will give two or three more speeches… Hopefully an interpreter will be present.” Then in November, she tweeted, “Tim Kaine delivered a speech entirely in Spanish. Still easier to understand than Melania.”

It seems unlikely Melania would even want to go on Chelsea, so this is really a non-issue. Still, don’t expect to see any of the Trumps on the show any time soon.

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