Of Course There’s A Sexy Pizza Rat Halloween Costume

Wendy Stokesby:


For the last few years, Yandy.com, an online Halloween costume retailer also popular with the Burning Man set, has gifted The Frisky staff with the costumes of our choosing, so I’m intimately aware of their ability to sex-ify every possible person, place or thing imaginable. For example, two years ago, I ordered their Sexy Dinosaur costume, and last year, I just couldn’t choose between Sexy Tri-Tit (remember the woman who claimed to have three boobs?!) and Sexy Ronald McDonald (I wore both). So I did not even bat an eye when I saw the company had debuted a Sexy Pizza Rat costume, aka a short-skirted, cleavage-enhanced tribute to the pizza-loving rodent who was not going to let a few subway stairs get in the way of enjoying a whole slice to himself. The costume retails for $89.95 and comes complete with an adorable set of ears and a cute little mini dress with pizza slice pockets. As much as I love Pizza Rat, I’m personally going to have to pass — I’m holding out hope for Yandy’s inevitable (maybe?) Sexy Kim Davis costume and if they don’t come through, I’ll be DIYing that shit myself. [Yandy]


Original by Amelia McDonell-Parry

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