Pre Workout Supplements For Women

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Regardless of what you are working out for, make this one count by preparing your body with the best nutrition for your goals. Fat burning, muscle building, and cardio training all push the body in different ways, so try to alter your pre-workout intake to give your training session a boost. If you have been training for a while, it might be time for an intake update to match your body changes.

Muscle Building

The main concern around bodybuilding for women in the past was that it would turn the body bulky and overly masculine, but these myths are being debunked. Plenty of women are now looking for a firm, toned physique and enjoying the benefits of strong muscles.

A muscle building workout can be a great experience for the mind and the metabolism, so use these pre-workout tips to keep your workout fun and minimize muscle soreness post-workout. Protein is the only essential building block that the body can’t make for itself, and women’s bodies naturally build less muscle than men. To repair muscle damaged during a workout, you need an external source of protein.

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This is where protein supplements, such as protein shakes, are a great choice especially since lean meats like chicken and fish get expensive fast. You might find that some of the supplements reviewed by are a good fit for what you are looking for.

To maximize muscle building outside of the gym, stay away from complex fatty foods and stick to leafy green vegetables, a small amount of whole grain carbs and lean proteins. Pre-workout, a protein shake is an easy way of intaking enough protein to push your body. Protein needs to be broken down into amino acids before it can build muscle strength and mass, so a fast-acting protein powder is a great choice.

Fat Burning

Women’s bodies are naturally higher in fat than a man’s body. This means women may need to work that little bit extra to burn fat. But, there is a myth that you will burn more fat if you forgo eating before a workout.

Your body needs a certain amount of fuel to get started and carry you through a workout. If your blood sugar is too low, then your body will start converting muscle protein into energy before it converts fats into energy since it is easier.

To burn fat you can consider decreasing your overall calorie intake throughout the day, but still, prioritize your pre-workout meal or supplement intake. A good meal will incorporate fat burning foods as well as include lean proteins such as chicken and fish or, for a meat-free alternative, tofu and chickpeas.

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For supplements, you can go for non-homogenized fats such as fish oils. These contain omega-3 fatty acids which are perfect for complementing a fat burning workout as they take less energy to break down and do not contribute to cholesterol. A handful of almonds will also do the trick.


If you want to run faster or for longer, then you need more fuel in the tank and a pre-workout intake is essential for this. Different molecule types will give you different types of energy, so try to include a bit of each to maximize when sugars are released into your body. A mix of white and wholegrain rice will give your body the fast and slow release carbs to keep your body going around the track for longer.

And energy drink is a good option as they are crafted to include electrolytes to promote water uptake in channels in the body and prevent dehydration. Try new drinks gradually to test the different levels of caffeine and keep track of your heart rate. A safe workout is not a wasted workout.

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If you are running or doing a lot of high-impact exercises, then prioritize your running shoes. There are lots of benefits to wearing good running shoes, such as reducing muscle injury and improving your walking gait.

Remember, every person has slightly different needs so it may take some time to find your best workout strategy. Plus, as you improve or your body changes, you may need to adjust your intake. Chat to your trainer or a dietician for help choosing a strategy that suits you.

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