Prince William And Kate Middleton Forbid Their Children To Play Video Games

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With video games being very much addictive, Prince William was sure his wife wouldn’t approve of him buying a PS4. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a few game related household rules.


iPads Aren’t Allowed At Kensington Palace

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want their children to have as normal as possible childhood. They want to encourage them to play outdoors or with „analog“ toys. iPad is banned at Kensington Palace to avoid young princes and princess’ life being ruled by video games or TV.

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Time For Watching Television Is Limited

Prince George reportedly loves watching TV, and he even has his favorite shows and video games. His time with TV is limited to one hour a day. His siblings are more interested in playing outside, and spending time with their mother, than watching TV. In case Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis develop a love for television, the same rule will apply to them too. Prince George has other hobbies like skiing, tennis, and playing with his dinosaur figures.

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Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis’ Favorite Toys

Legos are Prince George’s favorite toys, and before them he used to play with wooden blocks to sharpen his skills. Apart from those, he enjoys riding a bicycle, and a wooden train. Princess Charlotte loves Disney princesses and wooden toy sets, while Prince Louis is still to young to have a favorite toy.

Are There Other Toys That Are Banned At Kensington Palace?

It is not known why, but the board game Monopoly is banned from Kensington Palace. Prince Andrew explained that playing the game gets too vicious and that the family isn’t allowed to play it at home.



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