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She may be one of the busiest people in the world. The reason for this is the act that she has a lot of royal obligations than there are meetings, travels and various stuff that she has to do every day. So, she needs to wake up early in order to accomplish this. However, there is something else that prevents her from sleeping in.

Waking up

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She may be considered one of the rare people who does not sleep linger even during the weekends. This may not be her choice, actually, despite the busy schedule. The simple reason for this may be the fact that there is a royal-worthy wake up call every morning. So, she needs to be on her feet by 8:30 a.m., then she needs to get dressed and be ready to be on the terrace of the Buckingham Palace for a serenade that is played by the bagpipes. She has a morning routine that consists of the mentioned and of having breakfast, and, of course, working.


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It is not a secret at all that the Queen likes to start her day with a breakfast that includes Darjeeling tea. Also, she likes to eat cornflakes that are her actually favorite food in the morning. She also has some biscuits and a nice sip of her favorite tea.


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Instead of showering, she actually likes to have a very good and long bath at the beginning of the day. Just like in the movies, she has ladies who are helping her to have a good bath and to get washed up before starting a busy day.


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It is not a secret that she pampers a lot and that this is all a part of the royal routine. She also has her hair done in the morning, and this job has been done by one and the same hairdresser for almost 20 years.


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She loves Radio 4’s Today Show on BBC and she always likes to listen to it while she prepares for her day.


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She loves to have any kind of exercise in the morning, and this probably included the walk that she has with her dogs. She sometimes rides her horses, as well.


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Being the head of the country, she needs to know what is happening. So, every morning, she reads papers to find out what is new.


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She dedicates some time every morning to write down the words and to enter some things that happened in her journal.

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