What’s the Best Digital Marketing Method for Your Business? SEO, PPC or Social Media?

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Digital Marketing has grown to become one of if not the most important methods of promoting a business with many businesses making the majority of their money from their online platforms. Also, many clients will look at a business’s web presence before doing business with them. This means that a company needs to know about the difference between major digital marketing strategies and how to leverage them. This includes knowing the difference between PPC, SEO & SMM. This knowledge will allow a company to show up higher on Google searches, tap into their target audience, and display their expertise for all to see. Some things to know about digital marketing include:

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A company will also need to know how to put these different digital marketing methods to use. This will include such things as:

  • Which Option is Best
  • Combining these three Options
  • Hiring an Agency over other Options

What is SEO

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” with it being one of the most popular types of digital marketing. This method of marketing attempts to use written content in order to promote a site, as well as a website with sound mechanics that perform well in Search Engines. SEO will involve creating content that contains a variety of keywords that customers will search for on Google. Frequently, the keywords are then linked to other sites to show that a target page is popular. This will result in the target page becoming more popular.

source: metafluence.com

What is PPC

PPC stands for “Pay Per Click” with it being a popular way to make a website appear to be more visited. This method involves paying a large number of people to click on a link. It also involves having people make specific searches containing certain keywords and phrases before clicking on a link. This will cause a search engine to think that people who search for that particular term will click on a particular link.

This digital marketing method causes a site to appear that it has a large number of organic users who regularly visit a site and spend time on it. This method of marketing is a good way to make a site appear popular until it has its organic users. Majority of the time hiring a competent PPC Agency is the best way to go if you want to maximize PPC leads and profits.

source: vanguardcommunications.net

What is Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a marketing method that is often abbreviated as “SMM.” This method of marketing uses social media to drive traffic to a site. It frequently involves creating social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a particular business. People will then follow these accounts, engage with their posts, and eventually make their way to the business’s page. SMM can either be through organic (free) methods or paid.

Social media marketing allows you to create a presence on social media platforms for free. This method of marketing is beneficial as most people spend the majority of their time on the internet on social media sites. Get people to follow a particular account a company’s web presence will show up on their social media feed. You can also purchase ads on these sites. This is a beneficial marketing strategy as it makes it easy to target a particular demographic. Also, social media adds are relatively cheap with them allowing a company to access users who may otherwise not see one of their ads. An ideal social media campaign will involve such things as interesting topics, offering coupons, and other incentives for following the social media feed.

source: proschoolonline.com

Which Option is the Best

Each one of these three digital marketing strategies has its benefits and disadvantages. SEO has the advantage of creating content that will drive users to a page over a long period of time. Also, SEO content will continue to promote a page for as long as it is on the internet. However, SEO can be expensive to hire some to execute.

PPC has the advantage of directly purchasing visitors to a site. This means that it will allow a site to appear more popular, and a long term PPC campaign can have the same lasting benefits of traditional SEO content in terms of brand awareness. PPC has certain disadvantages in that it does not produce content that continues to be beneficial, and also when you stop paying, you stop getting leads.

Social media marketing is beneficial in that it allows a business to access specific users who are interested in the content. You can also show a company’s personality and overall culture. Also, it is a good way for a business to build an interactive relationship with their customers. Social media marketing as disadvantages in that it generally only advertises to people who already follow a business. Also, social media marketing does not always drive users to a business’s website or business for sales – sometimes they just like the content or the idea of incentives.

source: jbklutse.com

Combining these Three Options

The benefits and disadvantages of each one of these three digital marketing options mean that a business needs to be careful when picking a particular campaign. The best option is to pursue each one of these three options at the same time. This will allow a business to have the benefits of all three campaigns. Despite this, a business will have to carefully evaluate how much money they want to spend on each one of these options.

Hiring an Agency over other Options

In general, it is best to hire a digital marketing agency over hiring an in-house employee or a freelancer. This is because a digital marketing agency can bring the resources and experience needed to run a campaign without the disadvantages of having an unreliable employee. This is especially true when hiring a digital marketing agency for PPC advertising, as an inexperienced PPC manager can burn a whole months marketing budget in a day if set up incorrectly.

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