She-Beast Zooey Deschanel Is A ‘Mean Girl’ Because She Acts Like A Boss And Makes Rules As “New Girl” Producer

Wendy Stokesby:


The producer of a hit TV show makes rules that other people have to follow so filming doesn’t run behind. Running behind irritates this person. Time, after all, is money.

That sounds like professionalism to me.

But what if I told you that producer is a woman and she also is the star of the show? Then would you think that Zooey Deschanel is a diva? Because the gossip rag RadarOnline called her a “nasty boss.”

According Radar, Zooey has gone from “new girl” to “mean girl” on the set of her sitcom “New Girl,” because she had the audacity to have a say in the shooting schedule, like, you know, a producer. Among her crimes include being “moody” and making rules on the set,” which are described as “bad behavior.” According to a source:

“The show’s schedule really drives Zooey up a wall, because they’re always running behind when the full cast is on set. So now, Zooey insists on days ending with scenes that just feature her and one other actor. When that can’t happen due to the production schedule, however, she’s unhappy and all hell breaks loose.”

If Zooey Deschanel were a male producer, no one would ever call her a “nasty boss” for setting up a filming schedule so it isn’t always running behind. No one would blab to a gossip mag that she is “moody” or “unhappy” or imply that making rules for the cast and crew to follow — people who work for her and with her as the star — is being a “mean girl.”

She’s not Regina George at the lunch table.  She’s been a series producer for three years.

Zooey Deschanel may or may not be a capable manager, but it doesn’t sound like she’s accused of doing anything at work that I wouldn’t expect Matthew Weiner, Alan Ball, Larry David, or Aaron Sorkin to do. You don’t have to look any farther than the treatment of women in Hollywood to see our country has serious issues with women in charge.


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