Swiss Farm Boys Calendar Makes Us Want To Be Baaaaad

Wendy Stokesby:


Swiss farmers have a bad reputation for being goody two-shoes. But now they’re even giving half-nekked Mormon missionaries a run for their calendar money. Just this year, photographer Tina Steinauer, made her first 2009 bare-chested man calendar for the Swiss Farmer’s Union. And the 12 month spread has the finest back sides in the countryside. From a tattooed troublemaker wielding a chainsaw to a musclebound man baling hay, these hot shots make us want to ho the field! Needless to say, the first edition sales were so high, they’re now recruiting new beefcakes for the 2010 calendar. Publisher Mike Helmy promises, “We just want a bit of bucolic rusticity.” Mmm, we don’t know what that means, but it sounds sexy! [Spiegel via Towleroad]


Original by: Simcha

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