Ask The Astrosexologist: How Can I Tell If An Aries Is Lying?

Wendy Stokesby:

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“How do I tell if an Aries man is lying? Are there any telltale signs? Do they lie? Are they good at it? I have a very strong suspicion that my Aries ex was cheating on me during our relationship and that he is currently with the woman he may have cheated on me with. I want to drag the truth out of him, but want to know what to look for!” – Scorpio With A Hunch All the signs have a capability to lie and each have their masterful skills to cover up the truth and manipulate at will. With the Aries, it can be the worst, as they are the sign of the winner, the leader, the guy that feels the need to set a precedence. Usually with an ego like that, it means he’ll do all he can to save face and come out looking clean. When he lies, he is easily deluded into believing whatever he needs to justify his behavior, convincing himself into thinking his actions are perfect. This makes him a super slippery sucker as far as calling him out on his obvious foibles, because he will deny any wrong doing until the death. Plus, Aries aren’t the types to apologize with ease and rarely feel remorse. After all, it would go against what he wants to believe; that his actions are always justified. Sure, that is healthy in many ways, but when you are dealing with the sign of war, confronting him is just asking for him to do whatever he has to do to win — which is the general wiring of most Aries-centric egos.

However, Scorpios are water sign and generally have killer instincts. If you have a hunch, that is a big enough red flag enough and you should trust it. I am a firm believer that one always knows on some level, it’s just about what one can accept. If you must find out the truth, go about it the Scorpio way — secretively and strategically. Of course, be warned: This will consume you more than it should and it won’t give you the peace of mind you deserve at the end of the day…but you will get the facts you need. Your best bet would be to find out indirectly through other sources. For example, set up a fake Facebook profile and get chummy with whom you suspect he cheated on you with. Then, after getting to be pals with her, delicately lead into questions about him and get your answer, as she’ll have nothing to lose in revealing the truth.

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