Taylor Swift Vs. Jenny Lewis: The Many Loves Of Jake Gyllenhaal

Wendy Stokesby:


Just a few weeks after breaking up with Taylor Swift over the phone, Jake Gyllenhaal had to make a quick decision on who to bring as his date to the Golden Globes. In the end, he decided that Jenny Lewis, the frontwoman of the band Rilo Kiley—who he dated back in 2001—would be the appropriate arm candy. It’s unlikely that the two are actually hooking up now—Jake’s camp assures that they “went as friends,” which makes sense since Jenny is currently dating Johnathan Rice. The two even play together in a band called Jenny and Johnny, but maybe at some point it could become Jenny and Jakey?

After the jump, how Taylor and Jenny stack up. Not that it’s a competition or anything.

Name Taylor Swift Jenny Lewis
Age 28 42
Hair Blonde and corkscrew curled Red and wavy, with major bangs
Musical Cred The ingenue of country music, Taylor sings, plays guitar, and writes her own songs, often about her relationships with famous men. She’s released three albums, which have sold more than 16 million albums worldwide. Fearless netted her the coveted Album of the Year Grammy in 2008. The darling of indie rock, Jenny sings, plays guitar, and writers her own songs, on topics ranging from relationships to politics. She’s released five albums with Rilo Kiley, two solo records, and another with her boyfriend, under the moniker Jenny & Johnny.
Acting Chops Appeared in an episode of “CSI.” Got mediocre reviews in “Valentine’s Day” alongside then boyfriend, Taylor Lautner. Was a child actress who starred in “Troop Beverly Hills,” “The Wizard,” and “Foxfire,” alongside a teenage Angelina Jolie.

Who do you think is a better match for Jake?

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