The Best Tanners That Are Vegan-Friendly

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Who doesn’t like having a nice tan all-year long? Well, chances are unless you are living in a sunny-state all year around, you won’t be able to do that naturally. And on the other hand, being in the sun too much as well isn’t that healthy as those rays can actually lead to skin wrinkles, burns, spots, and even certain skin conditions. Thus, it is important to limit your sun hours – but how will you get the desired tan color then?

Luckily, skin tanners are there for you. Now, with the market for this cosmetic product constantly growing it is not easy to choose the right one. The fact is, most of the skin tanners are tested on animals and that is not fun at all – why would the poor bunnies have to suffer in order for people to be satisfied? With the vegan option being pretty popular now, there are a lot of skin tanners on the market that are high-quality and cruelty-free, and along with that contain no harmful parabens! Let’s take a look at some of the best vegan-friendly tanners out there!


Top Cruelty-Free Tanners

  1. Nano Mist Tan. Sure on top of our list has to be the Nano Mist Tan developed by the famous Aussie MineTan. The company has entered the US market just recently and has since been a huge hit. The first two products – Workout Fitness Tan and the Bronze Babe Personal Spray were really successful as these tanners allowed you to get the wanted skin tan in an hour. From light to dark brown anything was possible. And now a revolutionary product has emerged with the first batch already being completely sold out. The Nano Mist Tan using the atomization technology refreshes and hydrates your skin and allows you to get the tan in a matter of minutes. The way it works is that you apply it 10-12 cm away from the face, and from there on let it sit for few hours and absorb. Once done, you can apply some more to refresh your skin again. Nano Mist Tan follows the tradition and is once again vegan-friendly and PETA-approved, as well as paraben free. There are no harmful ingredients, and it is made only to benefit your skin. The MistTan One-Hour includes ingredients like the amazing shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, argan oil as well as coconut water – with all proven to benefit your skin. What is great about this product is that if you go to the gym after the sweat won’t disrupt it either, as MistTan has found a way for the sweat to go through the tan without ruining it. And if any goes on your clothing on sheets, don’t worry there will be no stain left! The Nano Mist Tan is available at multiple online stores, like the Ultra Beauty one for a price of $70, so go and buy one while it is still available!

Source: Northern Virginia Magazine

  1. Alba Botanica Sunless Tanner Lotion. This one, much cheaper at around a price of $15 is sure to do good work as well. It is vegan-friendly which is pretty important, and the 4 oz bottle allows for at least a few uses. It has no synthetic ingredients or paraben, and you will be left with a nice tan in a matter of 2-3 hours. It includes almond oil and shea butter, which benefit the health of your skin!


  1. Self Tanner Beauty By Earth. This one made from all-natural and organic ingredients is a great choice for anyone wanting to get a suntan kiss in the winter. The price is $30 for a 7.5 oz bottle, and it is good for anyone even if you are sensitive to certain ingredients as it contains no paraben or any synthetic ones. It wasn’t tested on animals, and you will not have to fear of the famous streaks or patches left on your face as this spray gets the tan evenly spread.



We think that it is pretty important being cruelty-conscious as well as eco-friendly and these tanners surely allow us to. There is nothing wrong about wanting a tan all year long, but if you want to do it in a safe and human manner, do your research and buy a vegan-friendly tanner!

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