The Best Valentine Gifts on a Budget

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It is almost that time of the year when we celebrate love in its abundance: with friends, family, spouses, boyfriends, and girlfriends – yes, Valentine’s day. On this day, people go out of their way to spoil their loved ones with gifts, which can be difficult to achieve when you are tight on cash. However, there are some thoughtful ideas for gifts to your loved ones when on a budget:


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This is a conventional gift for any occasion and an expressive way to show your special someone that you love them and are thinking of them on this romantic day. They are inexpensive and thoughtful and have sweet messages on them that will make your recipient smile. You can also avoid buying them altogether and get creative by making your own Valentine’s Day card. It will cost you absolutely nothing and would give you room to express your love in your own words, which is much more personalized than a card bought at the store.Draw a picture for or of your sweetheart if you can, or if you are good with computer graphics, you can make one and print it out. Also, don’t be afraid to belt out a poem if words are your thing.


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Flowers have been a traditional way of expressing our love since time immemorial; with flowers even becoming a language where you get to send coded messages with them – roses represent love. Roses are not usually blooming in February, so importing them may cost you money you do not have, and the bouquets sold in stores may also be a bit pricey for you on this day. Instead of using roses, you can stray from tradition a bit and get carnations, chrysanthemums, or even yellow tulips, which mean hopelessly in love. A single rose with an accompanying message will also suffice.


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There is a reason why jewelry is gifted on special occasions, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Mostly valued for its financial worth, it may be tricky to find an affordable piece of jewelry that will not require you to splurge, but it’s also not impossible. If you feel like your sweetheart will appreciate jewelry, you can look for costume jewelry that costs a lot less than real ones. You may opt for vintage pieces from antique shops such as lockets and intricately designed earrings, rings, bracelets. You may even make your own jewelry in craft stores. These will be more thoughtful with a lot of effort that will be appreciated.


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A meal always accompanies the typical Valentine’s Day celebration, often dinner, which can be expensive in the kinds of restaurants you would hope to dine in. To avoid these extra costs, cook a special meal in your own home for your Valentine’s using online recipes. Buy a nice bottle of wine and cake for dessert and you are sorted. Alternatively, it does not have to be dinner; breakfast in bed is a grand gesture or heading out for lunch or brunch are both comparatively cheaper than dinner in an expensive restaurant. You can also have dinner at home then go out for dessert, which should not cost you as much.

Visit The Works and you will find the right tools to make heartfelt Valentines Gifts for her. When it comes to expressing love, it is the thought that counts most. The best gifts don’t have to be costly.

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