Tilda Swinton & 8 Other Famous Women With Hot Younger Lovers



Tilda Swinton is kind of my hero. First of all, she is an astounding actress. Secondly, she makes seriously daring fashion choices and does avant garde androgyny better than, like, anyone. Third, this hot wooly man is her boyfriend. His name is Sandro Kopp, he’s a German-born artist and sometime actor, they’re been together for years, and, oh yeah, he is 18 years younger than Tilda. Get. It. Girl. 

It’s all-too-common to see a famous man with a much younger woman on his arm, so I can’t help but revel for a moment in the thrill of seeing Tilda strolling arm-in-arm with her sexy younger beau. And why stop there? These eight other famous women have seriously sexy younger lovers on their arms too…


Sharon Stone & Martin Mica

Age difference: 30 years

Let me put that into perspective for you. When Sharon was spreading her legs in that infamous scene in “Basic Instinct,” Martin was six years old.


Sam Taylor-Wood & Aaron Johnson

Age Difference: 22 years

The artist/director and the actor met on the set of her indie flick “Nowhere Boy” and promptly fell in love. While critics we’re squeamish about the fact that he was only 18 at the time, they’ve gone on to have two children together.


Robin Wright & Ben Foster

Age Difference: 14 years

Suck it, Sean Penn. Robin Wright, the long suffering wife of the moody and modelizing actor, finally realized how much better she could do and filed for divorce. Shortly thereafter, she took up with dreamy Ben Foster, her 14-years younger “Rampart” co-star.


Madonna & Brahim Zaibat

Age Difference: 29 years

Madonna is obviously no stranger to younger men. Most of the dudes she’s dated have been younger, including her current boyfriend of over two years, backup dancer Brahim Zaibat.


Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

Age Difference: 11 years

Mariah Carey was way, way younger than her first husband, Tommy Mottola. That union went notably very sour. So it makes sense that when Mariah found love again, it was with a much younger man, Nick Cannon.


Julianne Moore & Bart Freundlich

Age Difference: 9 1/2 years

Oscar-nominated actress Julianne Moore has played a wide range of women on the big and small screen, but at home, she’s a cougar. Super handsome husband and baby daddy Bart Freundlich is almost 10 years her junior. Meow.


Susan Sarandon & Jonathan Bricklin

Age Difference: 30 Years

Our hearts broke when Susan Sarandon split from longtime partner Tim Robbins in 2009. But maybe he was just getting to be too old for her? Susan wasn’t single for long, and took up with entrepreneur Jonathan Bricklin, 36, with whom she co-owns a ping-pong club in Manhattan. Well played


Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart

Age Difference: 18 years

Jennifer Lopez is a superstar, so after she broke up with controlling alpha husband Marc Anthony in 2011, she took up with someone whose star didn’t try to outshine hers. Backup dancer Casper Smart takes a youthful delight in being J. Lo’s boy toy.



Original by Amelia McDonell-Parry

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