Twilight director commented on how Twilight reboot could be fun

Wendy Stokesby:


It’s been 10 years since the first Twilight movie, and in celebration of that, the movie will be played once again in theaters on 21st and 23rd October.

According to an interview HollywoodLife had with Twilight director, Catherine Hardwicke, she shared with the outlet that a reboot of the movie could be happening in the future. “I think it would be really fun,” Catherine declared. “I can just imagine that there’s a lot of exciting young actors and a lot more diversity and different kinds of people getting into acting as the world has opened up. We see more interesting characters and more diverse characters on TV. I think it would be great to see a new version. I can’t wait.”

The director said that the role of Edward Cullen was the most difficult to cast.

“You had to find somebody with that special quality that you could believe they’ve been self-tortured kind of for 100 years, going through all different emotions, but they also have to be believable. That wasn’t the easiest combination to find.”

That is when Robert appeared. Before the Twilight saga, Robert Pattison’s most memorable role was Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire. “That had been a few years already, and I hadn’t seen too much that he’d done since then, so I didn’t know what he was up to. We talked on the phone from London, but I was like, ‘I’ve really got to meet you in person. And you’ve got to meet Kristen to even have a shot at this.

’ I think he was kind of broke, but he still scraped together the money and flew over on his own dollar and crashed on his agent’s couch and came to the audition.”

Catherine thinks that Twilight altered the public’s view on female-led movies.

“Before Twilight, there had been the ensemble [movie]. For example, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. They kept telling me that that made like $29 million and was a super popular book, and this movie probably won’t make any more than that. That’s what people thought at the time. Twilight was written by a woman author, starred a young woman in the lead, directed by a woman, and as soon as the movie did really well [nearly $400 million at the box office], people realized that the audiences will go and four more Twilight movies were made, as well as Divergent movies, four Hunger Games movies, and multiple other films.”

Catherine commented on how Twilight was also an adventure for the eyes, as she enjoyed filming it in Portland.

“When I read the book, I was just blown away by the idea that we would actually see vampires in these beautiful forests instead of vampires in the dark alleys of London and Paris that we usually see vampires. Suddenly, we’re going to see them in the woods. That’s something that was very important to me. The cinematographer Elliot Davis and I realized that we always had to have that mist. We didn’t want sun blasting on us. We had a palette of what colors were allowed. You never see anybody wearing a bright yellow or red shirt. It’s all a controlled palette, and the clothes that the Cullens wore were the colors of Arctic wolves. They either had to wear greys, silvers, deep blues, blacks, or whites. As Bella got more involved with him, she started wearing those colors, too.”

The director said that she had her sister’s help in making the color decisions, and she also had her paintings placed in the movie.

We will see more of Catherine in her new work, Dissonance, and Miss Balla. Gina Rodriguez is the lead role.

“She is so good in it,” Catherine shared. “It’s a beautiful emotional journey that she takes in that movie. I’m really proud and excited to be a part of it because Sony, a major movie studio, cast a Latina as the lead, so that’s pretty neat.”

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