3 Essential Tips for Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears

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Grooming your dog is an essential part of keeping him/her clean and healthy. But what you probably think of when grooming is cutting the fur, keeping fleas and ticks away, and cleaning the nails. What about your dog’s ears? Ear infections in dogs are prevalent, and these happen because you don’t clean the ears as often as they should.

If you got a mini-shock after realizing that your dog’s ears aren’t kept clean, it’s not the end of the world. Here is a guide that explains the dog’s ear cleaning steps in detail:

A quick tip – always have a bag of treats ready. Your dog will twist and turn because ear cleaning is an uncomfortable experience for them. You must make sure that it goes smoothly. So, rewarding them for cooperating is essential.

1. Keep your tools handy

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You will need cotton-tied applicators, cotton pads, cotton balls, tweezers, a towel, and a high-quality ear cleaning solution from your trusted veterinarian or a reliable source like Groomsy. Try avoiding the ear cleaning solutions that contain hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. These can often cause irritation in the dog’s ears, and you will notice him/her wriggle all the time uncomfortable. It’s wise to wear a glove but if you don’t have one, wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning.

2. Massage the ear

Bring your dog close to you and squirt a few drops of the recommended ear cleaner on the inside flap of the ear. Don’t let your dog wriggle while doing this. Now, bring the tip of the bottle close to the ear opening and add a few drops of the solution. Make sure your dog doesn’t shake its head. Start massaging the ear from the base. This will allow the solution to reach deep into the canal and loosen the debris. Your dog will become uncomfortable as the solution drips inside.

Let the dog shake itself once you are done massaging. Keep a towel handy because the dog might scatter the debris everywhere. Unless you want a part of the debris in your body or clothes, protect yourself with a towel. And, always clean the dog’s ears in the bathroom, preferably inside a tub. It will help clean the scattered debris easily.

3. Cleaning the ear canal

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Add a few drops of ear cleaner to a cotton ball to wipe the ear canal inside out. If you can reach inside the ear canal with your fingers, try to clean as deeply as possible. Don’t force your way in as you might cause unwanted irritation. A cotton-tipped applicator is handy to clean the stubborn debris that often collects around the ridges of the ear.

The ears of many dogs remain dirty after this step. Don’t be overwhelmed; just repeat the process. But don’t make the ear cleaning process painful for the dog. If you feel the dog is in pain, stop immediately. Clean any visible debris with cotton balls and a few drops of ear cleaning solution.

Don’t forget to treat your dog with plenty of rewards. This will make him/her cooperate the next time around.

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