7 Celebrities Who Have Had Invisible Braces

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7 Celebrities Who Have Had Invisible Braces

Are you entirely pleased with your smile? If you aren’t, you’re far from alone. A 2015 study showed that more than a quarter of people refrain from smiling because they aren’t happy with the state of their teeth. A further 81% said they thought their teeth made them look unattractive in photographs. When you consider the knock-on effect this can have on your self-esteem and confidence levels, it’s no joke. We all deserve to feel good about ourselves.

But let’s say you’re an adult with crooked or misaligned teeth and you dread the idea of getting teenage-style train tracks across your teeth. Has the chance for beautiful teeth passed you by? Fortunately, you have other options open to you. If you consider the use of Invisalign, like the celebrities below, you can get straighter teeth over the course of a few months and nobody will be the wiser.

Invisalign are clear aligners, an orthodontic tool that is near-invisible and used to adjust teeth over time — they are also possibly the quickest way to straighten teeth. They are an incredibly popular cosmetic dental procedure and due to their conspicuous nature, they are a favourite of fashion-conscious celebrities. Below, we’ll look at seven high-profile celebrities and see how they have used Invisalign to achieve their radiant grins.

1. Justin Bieber

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Everyone has an opinion on Justin Bieber, and no two are likely to be the same. But what most of us can agree on is that he has a stunning smile, thanks in no small part to Invisalign clear braces. Justin began using Invisalign back in 2011 and he was even spotted wearing them at the BRIT Awards, where he removed his set of aligners to show an interviewer. A young Justin Bieber was so proud and impressed by his invisible braces that he took to YouTube to show off his aligners.

2. Anna Kendrick

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Everyone loves Anna Kendrick — she is down to earth and self-deprecating. Of course, we all know she is beautiful, but she is known to crack jokes about her looks, including the way she looks in photographs and her tiny stature. She’s honest and upfront, including about the use of Invisalign retainers.

It seems her perfectly straight teeth are the result of clear aligners, which she has made no effort to keep under wraps. In fact, at one point, Anna even sent out a Tweet, showing off the fact that her “crew” created a quirky label for Anna’s Invisalign case, making it look “badass”.

3. Eva Longoria

Source: Fresh Orthodontics

Eva Longoria, of Desperate Housewives fame, first got her Invisalign back in 2011 at the age of 36. Eva decided her bottom teeth needed a little tweaking and straightening, so she chose Invisalign to discreetly do the job — after all, a high-profile actress like Eva needs to be camera-ready at all times!

The before and after transformation isn’t drastic in Eva’s case — she always had great teeth. But if you look at photos of her pre-2011, you can certainly see how Invisalign helped her bottom teeth straighten up.

4. Oprah Winfrey

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Oprah Winfrey is among the most wealthy, influential and famous people in the world. It makes sense that she would want to look fabulous and feel comfortable in front of the camera. Unfortunately, Oprah has been on the record as stating that she always hated the natural look of her teeth, so she decided to use Invisalign to solve the problem. Oprah was so confident with how clear and subtle they were that she was happy to wear them in front of the camera while filming — though she generally remains quite tight-lipped about her use of the clear aligners.


5. Kate Middleton

Source: glamour.com

The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her beautiful, natural smile. But this smile was actually perfected by a French dentist, Didier Fillion, who reportedly specialises in “harmonious asymmetry“. Reports have it that Kate Middleton used Invisalign in the six-month lead up to her wedding to Prince William, and the results were spectacular.

Fillion’s work involved micro-rotations of her teeth, which eventually created the warm grin we all know today. Rather than going for the completely symmetrical and monochromatic look that’s popular in the US but often comes off as artificial, Didier instead used Invisalign to create a natural, healthy smile.

6. Katherine Heigl

Source: Vanity Fair

The queen of romantic comedy, Katherine Heigl, decided to try Invisalign braces prior to her wedding to singer-songwriter Josh Kelley in 2007. Of her teeth, Katherine once said in an interview: “I’ve had crooked teeth my whole life pretty much and I only started caring about it when I was gonna get married: I want my teeth straight for my wedding photos.”

Katherine was clearly pleased with her Invisalign experience, as she went on the record to say, “It’s awesome because every two weeks you switch to a new retainer. Pretty much the perfect way to describe Invisalign is Netflix for your teeth.”

We’re not entirely clear what that means, either — but we assume it’s a good thing.

7. Tom Cruise

Source: Bankrate.com

Didn’t Tom Cruise always have a perfectly straight smile? Apparently not, as the Mission Impossible star is known to have had Invisalign during the 2002 science-fiction film Minority Report. After taking his children to the orthodontist, it was brought to his attention that his front teeth were not perfectly centred. To correct this, Tom chose invisible braces so he could continue shooting and straighten his near-perfect teeth at the same time.

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