Angelina Jolie and her children went to an art exhibition

Dragana Stepicby:


Angelina Jolie went to an art exhibition in New York, and she looked flawless when she attended the opening night of MoMA’s Doc Fortnight and the premiere of Prune Nourry’s Serendipity exhibition.

She brought her four eldest children – Maddox, Pax, Zahara, and Shiloh

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Jon Voight, Angelina’s father has opened out and talked about things going on with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. He shared with US Weekly that he ‘prays’ for the whole family, and claimed that ‘everybody’s gonna be OK’. ‘’She’s [Angelina’s] a very invested mom. She’s on it. She’s on it with these kids. She gives them love every second of their day. I pray for all the members of the family – Brad as well. Everybody’s gonna be OK. That’s it.”

He further talked about his grandchildren. ‘’I can really laugh at these guys. They make me laugh, they’re funny. They tease me and all of that. I could talk a day or two about each of them actually because it’s very interesting, their personalities. Very rich personalities with different surprises in them, you know?’’

Source: Daily Express

The Hollywood Reported stated how Angelina and Voight started talking again in 2017. During a THR Awards Chatter Podcast in 2017, Jolie said, ‘’Jon and I have gotten to know each other – through grandchildren now and we’re finding a new relationship. We’ve had some difficulties, [but] through art we’ve been able to talk. It’s the common language.’’

Angelina and Jon’s relationship started falling apart when he said in an interview with Access Hollywood in 2002 how Angelina had ‘serious mental problems’ after she got divorced from Billy Bob Thornton. She left the surname Voight behind her, and she said on the podcast from 2017, ‘’I didn’t want to walk into a room as ‘Jon’s’ daughter.’’ She further revealed, ‘’We don’t really talk politics well. We talk art very well.’’


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