Are Camilla Bowles and Prince Charles Still Married?

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The controversy with the relationship between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles started from the beginning. Two of them officially came out as a couple after the tragic death of Princess Diana, but everyone was already suspecting that those two were together for a longer time.

The public disliked Camilla from the start, most of the moral reasons, and no one was happy when they married in 2005. When they decided to marry, the public hated Camilla even more because they thought that she wants to take over Diana’s place. Diana was very popular, and everyone loved her for her personality. Today, after 14 years, many people wonder if two of them are still married and what is happening with this controversial story in Royal Family.

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Are they still married?

It is disturbing when you know that the family of Prince Charles is known for having an affair. The rumor is that King Edward VII was in a relationship with a mistress, who is actually Camille’s grandmother. Just like some story from movies.

Back then, in the centuries before 20th and 21th, it was common for dukes and kings to have several wives. But today, for someone who is part of the Royal Family, that means that he must act properly and have the highest possible moral standards. That is the reason why everyone was disappointed in Charles when he admitted to cheating Diana.


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Prince William and Prince Harry even tried together to show Camilla in her best for the media that hated her so much. Prince William was the best man at his dad’s wedding with Camilla. Also, they always spoke nice words about her in the interviews, and always repeating how nice a person she is. Two of them are now in marriage for 14 years, and they are proving that the rumors that even this marriage is only for the media, they are in love, and nothing could change that.

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