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As a very young woman, Britney Spears has begun her career, which is very successful and lasts even today. Since 1992, when she became a singer, until 2007, her career was brilliant. In 2007, the media began to write about her mental illness. For example, the People Magazine editor stated that Britney suffers from postpartum depression and disorder. It is also known that doctors prescribed the use of Prozac, but that she did not use this medicine, which later led to a worsening of her psychological state.

She confirmed these great problems by saying she was struggling with anxiety and had a bipolar disorder. During her tour across the Europe, in the year of 2000, she had problems with sleeping and often woke up in the middle of the night. However, the causes of this struggle with various disorders have roots in her earlier life. Also, the family situation as well as the great pressure she was exposed to during her career has affected her problems. To better understand these causes, we decided to present you a story about her difficult life and the problems she was fighting with. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

Britney had a difficult childhood

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Her parents divorced in the year of 2002, which was a very good decision, according to a popular singer. After this unpleasant situation, Britney told the People magazine:

“It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to my family. My mother and dad, bottom line, do not get along.” When I was a baby, they argued. I wanted this to happen 10 years ago.”

Her father, Jamie, had problems with alcoholism, and the discussions between him and her mother, Lynne, were often, especially after drinking alcohol. Although they divorced in 2002, they reconciled again in 2010, and the main reason for this was the problems their daughter had. However, there is no doubt that frequent fights and vices that her father had, had a significant effect on her mental health.

Britney worried that her parents wouldn’t be pleased with her career

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When she did not win the Best New Artist Grammy in 2000, Britney was pretty sad about it. The cause of discontent was her great desire for her parents to be happy and satisfied. After that, she told Rolling Stone:

“My mom wanted me to win so bad. And my dad. I felt kind of sad that I let them down. And then I talked to them, and they were worried for me. My mom said, ‘Baby, I could care less if you win or not. I love you.'”

She also said several times in her statements that she felt pressure because the way of life and also that:

“It makes me feel good when people realize I’m just a kid, because people expect so much out of me right now.”

We can say that the popularity she gained may have had a significant impact on her to feel uncomfortable. In her documentary “I Am Britney Jean”, she said:

“I’m a shy person and I’m especially not really made for this industry because I’m so shy. It’s not something I deal with so well.”

Britney had problems with low self-esteem and body image

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Spears had a lot of trouble with her body image. As a very young person, she thought that her breasts were small, so she got breast implants. However, this action did not receive a positive public comment. Later, when her breasts grew naturally, she had to remove implants.

In addition to these corrections on her body, Britney had more objections for her appearance. The media speculated that she had corrected the nose, but also the lips, which she spoke in her statement for In Style.

Earlier in her career, she stated:

“I wish my hair was thicker, and I wish my feet were more beautiful. My toes are really ugly. I wish my ears were smaller and my nose could be smaller.”

She was severely overworked


So, during her career, Britney was indeed exposed to many pressures from different people. Her friends talked about this and were convinced that she did not have time for herself as well as that everyone put pressure on her to perform and not take a break.

Great pressure came from managers who even controlled her dressing style and her makeup choice. She commented this in the Rolling Stone statements in 2002:

“I’m supposed to take six months off, but I’ll probably not. The whole point of my taking a break is to be out of the public eye and not see my face on TV, because I’m sick of myself. “

Before that, Spears said:

“My anxiety has just been crazy … Maybe I’m just changing and getting older, but I find I need to have my downtime, just to myself, or I’ll go crazy.”

Marriage with Kevin Federline was a complete failure

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Britney Spears married in 2005 with dancer Kevin Federline. From that marriage, she has two sons, named Sean Preston and Jayden James. Unfortunately, their marriage did not go well and they divorced in November 2006. She was not happy in this relationship because there were situations when she was lonely as he was having fun with his friends and leaving her alone. At some point, she even started visiting parties to reduce her sadness that she thought the cause was postpartum depression.

In her documentary, “Britney Spears: For The Record”, she stated:

“I think I married for all the wrong reasons. Instead of following my heart and, like, doing something that made me really happy. I just did it because … for just, like, the idea of everything.”

After the divorce, Britney and her former husband had a lot of conflicts over child custody.

Spears struggled with the use of drugs

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One in a series of problems with which the popular singer fought was the substance abuse. One of her bodyguards said he noticed that the singer used the drugs, but not when the children were there. This problem later caused other problems, such as complications in the process of fight for custody with her former husband, Kevin Federline.

Also, the media reported on court charges brought by her father against Britney’s earlier manager Osama “Sam” Lutfi accusing him of hiding the phone from Britney and putting medicals in her food. On the other hand, Lutfi said she used amphetamines. In 2015, some media reported that the singer was secretly on rehabilitation.

Spears’s breakdown took a long time


It is known that in February, in the year of 2007, the famous singer shaved her head. Many thought that the cause of this act was too much pressure from the media, managers and fans. She spent some time in Malibu at the rehabilitation center.

The period of the next few months was marked by some of her actions, such as driving a car without a driver’s license, all of which eventually led to the loss of the battle for custody.

In 2008, another one triggered other incident, when, according to ABC News, under the influence of illegal substances, she spent nearly three hours with her sons. After that, she was hospitalized, and later she was released. One source reported to E! News:

“She worked so hard and yet she had nothing to show for it. No husband, no access to her children, a fractured relationship with her family and what she felt was no say in her life. She felt worthless.”

Does Spears just want to be with his sons?

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After divorce with Kevin Federline, Britney paid much attention to her sons, for which she canceled performances for some time. She just wanted to give love to her children and spend more time with them.

In his statement to The New York Times, her ex, David Lucado talked about how motherhood is important to her:

“If anyone knew the real Britney, they would know that she would rather be remembered for being the great mother she is rather than the artist she is. And if anyone could see her interactions with her kids, they would know that there is no need for a conservatory over Britney’s personal life.”

Jamie Spears became her conservator

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After having had a very difficult period in her life and some very stressful situations, Britney’s father became her conservator. He began to take care of all her money transactions. Although she did not like that at first, she later realized that it was the right decision. Simply, at moments when her mental health was not the best, Jamie Spears was the person she could trust.

She was very upset about her father’s illness

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At the end of 2018, her father became ill and that had a negative impact on her mental state, again. Jamie was hospitalized, but he still did not recover completely from the disease. About a month ago, in March, he had to do another surgery. Because of the difficult situation that happened in the family, Britney again visited the mental health center.

On this occasion, the US Weekly reported:

“Britney was distraught when her dad first got sick. Then there was a period where she was handling it better and feeling more positive because Jamie seemed to be improving, but then his condition worsened and she could not emotionally handle the thought of possibly losing It was her break point.”


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