Charles and Camilla’s Wedding – breaking tradition

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It is well known that the lives of the members of the royal family are regulated by various rules and traditions, and that exceptions are very rare.

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Charles and Camilla

Charles wanted to go step away from the tradition and to have a bit different wedding with Camilla in comparison to the one with Princess Diane.

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The wedding

The wedding was held on the 9th April in 2005 in Windsor Guildhall. The wedding as split in two part. First of all, there was a civil ceremony. After this, there was a religious one that was held at St George’s Chapel in the Windsor Castle. The later was in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. We need to clarify that the Queen was not attending the first one due to her being on the head of the Church of England, and since Prince Charles has already been married. According to the press release from the Buckingham Palace, the Queen avoided the civil ceremony due to Charles and Camilla’s which to have an intimate ceremony.

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The wedding has 800 invites and the hosting was given to the Queen. However, the invitations gave a clear picture of what would be prohibited. The first things were phones and the second one were cameras. On the top of this, the guests were not allowed to bring any presents.

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Charles wanted to avoid the situation that he had after the marriage to Princess Diana in 1983 when the received more than 6000 gifts and they simply needed to destroy many of them in 2003 simply because they were taking up a lot of space. We need to mention that they have received some very expensive gifts in 1983 like sapphires that were the gifts from the Saudi and there are also diamond-pearl earring from the Emir of Qatar.

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The brooch

It should be also noted that Camilla often wears the Prince of Wales Feathers brooch, which was originally given to the Princes Diana by the Queen, but it came into the possession of the royal family again in 1996 after the divorce.



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